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An Interview with Author Howard Riell

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An Interview with Author Howard Riell
By Moshe Phillips - September 25, 20ll

QUESTION: Let us begin by asking the obvious; what is Riell Truth Stay Angry! about and what made you write the book now?

ANSWER: The book is based on the radio show I've hosted for just over three years, Riell Truth. Both deal with the many forces that are conspiring to rob Americans of their freedom, liberty and future, and Israel of its very existence. John Perkins, author of such bestsellers as Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and my guest on several occasions, refers to these forces as the Corporatocracy, which is as good a name as any.

QUESTION: Is the book more of an auto-biography or a manifesto? How long did it take to write?

ANSWER: Riell Truth Stay Angry came together over more than two years as I researched the various branches and de facto battlefields of the conspiratorial tree the Elite, the Military Industrial Complex, Tyranny in America, the Banksters and those who are working to create a One World Government. Together they reveal a more or less concerted movement to create a modern-day Tower of Babel, an attempt to force humanity to recognize and all but deify a rapacious central power.

QUESTION: For our readers that are not familiar with it, how would you define and/or describe your radio show? What led you to launch a radio show?

ANSWER: It actually came about almost by accident. A friend named Barry Fisher, an environmental scientist and entrepreneur, was hosting a show he called Today's Environment. When he needed to take a couple of weeks off he asked if I'd guest host for him, and I did. After he returned, the station manager asked if I'd ever thought about doing a show of my own. I confessed I hadn't. He offered me the opportunity. When I asked what kind of show he had in mind, he suggested one about conspiracies. The idea intrigued me, so I said yes and began researching. It turned out to be an eye-opener. There is so much going on in this world that the average person is totally aware of and those who are robbing us blind in broad daylight work hard to keep it that way. Guests have included Congressman Ron Paul, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, former Ambassador and presidential candidate Alan Keyes, WND's Aaron Klein and many more.

A major emphasis on my show this was my idea, not the station's has been to serve as a passionate defender of the Jewish People in general and the State of Israel in particular. I am a proud student of the teachings of Rabbi Meir Kahane, zt'l, hy"d [Zecher Tzadik Livracha, Hashem Yikom Dama] whom I am convinced history will remember as one of the Jewish People's greatest leaders. A large percentage of the material on which I report and comment touches on defending Israel, battling global jihad and responding to the ludicrous and hate-filled claims of Jew haters everywhere.

QUESTION: Assuming that many of your radio listeners are Christian can you explain your choice to emphasize ideas such as the centrality of the Temple Mount in Jewish thought and Transfer (of Arabs from Israel) in your work, when many Americans are totally unfamiliar with them?

ANSWER: My listeners are a sharp, aware, well-informed bunch, and passionately pro-Israel. They recognize Israel as the G-d-given homeland of the Jewish People, and the Palestinians as thieves, liars, murderers, terrorists and supporters of terror who, by the way, hate Christians with a passion, also. The strategy for Israel's and the world's safety and security that I promote the only one that makes sense -- includes transferring the Arabs out of Israel, clearing the Temple Mount and rebuilding the Temple immediately, putting Jewish pride back into Israel's educational system, rendering Iran unable to launch any sort of attack, and telling the globalist elite who control Israel through groups like the Council on Foreign Affairs, Trilateral Commission and U.S. State Department to mind their own damned business. Each of these steps is integral, I am convinced, in order to bring the Messiah. Every generation that fails to rebuild the Temple, our Rabbis teach us, is counted as having destroyed it.

QUESTION: How would you describe your book? What has the response from readers been like?

ANSWER: My book contains scores of articles, book excerpts and clips from internet interviews (with, of course, my commentary) proving that there truly are unthinkably powerful, hyper-rich people who comprise various private and governmental organizations and believe they have a right to control the rest of us, and have been hard at work at it for at least decades. Here's how I refer to these folks in the book:

"The self-styled Masters of the World --- the Banksters, the New World Order, the hyper-rich, the connected, the Corporatocracy, the Hum, the patrician class, the moneyed interests, the elite, the aristocracy, the globalists, the ruling class, the Pezze di Novante, the hoi polloi, the royal families, the merchant class, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Invisible Hand, the Cryptocracy, the shadow government, the oil magnates, the Saudi sheiks, the arms dealers, the media moguls, the presidents, princes and potentates. Those who can topple governments, devalue currencies, crash markets, depose leaders, start wars and revolutions, assassinate world leaders, alter maps and commit mass murder with impunity. Those who are above any law, who profit from human suffering; who have been clever enough and rich enough and connected enough and arrogant enough and devious enough and ruthless enough to have kept the peoples of the world at each other throats and poor and sick and hungry and powerless and voiceless and entertained, and to have remained invisible while doing it, and who plan nothing less than de facto slavery for humanity. Those who are responsible for so much misery."

QUESTION: What do you think of the current political situation in Israel?

ANSWER: Israel is and always has been run by a corrupt political mafia that cares nothing for Judaism or Jews' 40 centuries of history and tradition. Period. It is in bed with those who would dearly love to see Israel disappear, and it constitutes the single greatest Chillul Hashem (desecration of G-d's name) in our People's history. Imagine, giving control of the Temple Mount to our deadliest enemies! Allowing sacred sites to be desecrated and destroyed! Banning a political party in a supposed democracy because it was growing too popular! Ripping Jewish men, women and children off of Jewish land in order to give it to those who hate us! Unthinkable! Inexcusable! Unforgivable! There is no teshuvah [repentance] for crimes like these.

QUESTION: Are you happy with the job that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has done?

ANSWER: Netanyahu is a politician, bought and paid for; a Jewish lapdog with long ties to the Council on Foreign Relations and all those who wish only to placate the oil Sheiks. He may come across as less objectionable than others who've held his office, but he hasn't solved anything, nor will he.

QUESTION: How do you relate to the safety and security of everyday Israelis? Why do you think such things should matter to Americans?

ANSWER: Israelis will never be safe and secure until the Arabs are gone from within Israel's borders. Any discussion or proposed solution that doesn't include that is meaningless and will result in the deaths of Jews. Beyond that, they need to take their country back from the sleazy politicians and begin to make Israel a Jewish state, as opposed to a state with lots of Jews in it.

Why does all this matter to Americans? Because Israel is our ally and friend. Because we have the same enemies. Because admit it or not, the world looks to the Jews for moral and spiritual leadership. Because if Israel were to say a resounding No! to Muslim aggression the rest of the world would begin to work up the courage to do so, also. And because Americans have an innate sense of right and wrong, and Israel in its present state a pathetic servant of the US, UN, EU and Arab League, scared stiff of world opinion, riddled with guilt, pushed around with impunity by punks and petty criminals, spiritually lost and directionless and not only unable but unwilling to save itself is wrong.

QUESTION: Where can our readers find your book?

ANSWER: Riell Truth Stay Angry can be purchased at and in either traditional book or e-book formats, or purchased from the publisher at My show airs live Monday through Thursday from 4 to 5 pm EST on KHNC, 1360 AM in Johnstown, Colorado, and can be heard live at They can also visit Riell Truth's Facebook page for a large archive of articles and videos I've posted, many of which I reference on the show.

QUESTION: Do you have any other comments you'd like to share with our readers?

ANSWER: Life isn't all that complicated. When a bully bullies you can either back down, in which case he'll continue, or rap him hard on the snout with a rolled-up newspaper, which will make him stop. Whether it's Muslims or the hyper-rich and powerful, we need to lose our fear and stand up for ourselves. The Bible warns us against alliances with those who would sell us out in a second, and we've ignored that to our detriment. Most of all, Jews need to believe that there really, really, really is a G-d after all; that He's smarter than we are, and that He knows what's best for us better than we do. It's called faith.

Moshe Phillips is the president of the Philadelphia Chapter of Americans for a Safe Israel / AFSI. The chapter's website is at: Moshe's blog can be found at and Moshe tweets at
The views expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Jewish Eye.
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