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In the Beginning

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In the Beginning

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In the Beginning
The Story of the Creation Excerpted from Genesis
Adapted by Alison Greengard
Illustrated by Carol Racklin-Siegel
EKS Publishing Co., 2000
ISBN: 978-0939144341

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Reviewed by Anna Dogole - October 31, 2011

The first book of the Bible, Genesis (Berheishs in Hebrew) is perhaps one of the best-known books in existence. Even if you meet someone who has never read it, most likely they will know one or more stories to be found in it - from the story of Adam and Eve, to Noah and the Great Flood, and to the story of Abraham and the founding of the Judaism. The first book in EKS Publishing series of Illustrated Bible Stories, begins where you would expect... at the very beginning, with the story of creation...

In the Beginning was excerpted from the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis by Alison Greengard, and is illustrated with colorful silk paintings by Carol Racklin-Siegel. The book includes both the original Hebrew text of the Creation story along with an English translation that is suitable for both pre-readers and new readers. For those studying Biblical Hebrew, a literal translation of the text, along with a glossary of terms, has been included at the end of the book.

In the Beginning is one of several children's bible story books put out by EKS Publishing. This book is ideal as a read-out-loud book for non-readers, and as an early book for new readers. It is also ideal for use as a study aid, for students of all ages, who are learning Biblical Hebrew. This paperback book features glossary, coated pages that can be easily wiped down and which are resistant to tearing, meaning that this book will withstand much use. It is perfect for both home and public libraries.

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