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Let My People Go!

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Let My People Go!

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Let My People Go!
Adapted by Alison Greengard
Illustrated by Carol Racklin-Siegel
EKS Publishing Co., 2011
ISBN: 978-0-939144-67-9

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Reviewed by Anna Dogole - October 31, 2011

The story of the Exodus from Egypt by the Israelites is the hallmark of the Passover Seder. Every year Jews around the world read this energizing story, have a Seder meal to commemorate this event, and eat Matzoh, just as the ancient Israelites did. Now young children can read the story in a simplified form drawn directly from the Chumush (The Five Books of Moses)...

In Let My People Go, Alison Greengard has excerpted the story of the Exodus, from the book of Exodus, to make the story comprehendible to young readers. This book also includes the original Hebrew text of the story, along with a literal translation, which can be found toward the end of the book. As Let My People Go begins, Moses is a grown man who has witnessed the cruelty of the Pharaoh toward the Jewish people, and seeing an overseer beating a Jew, he kills him and flees from Egypt. In the land of Midian, Moses has an encounter with G-d and returns to Egypt to free his people from slavery. Following G-d's instructions, Moses and his brother Aaron go to Pharaoh and ask him to let the Israelites leave Egypt. When he refuses, ten plagues descend upon the Egyptian people. Only then does the Pharaoh grant the Israelites the permission to leave, but he soon reneges and sends his army after the Israelites. Following the Israelites safe crossing of the Red Sea, which parted to allow them safe passage, but then closed in again on the Egyptians that were following them. This book ends with the Israelites celebrating their deliverance from the land of Mitzraim.

A spiritually uplifting story, Let My People Go is perfect not only for use in the home, but as a textbook in after-school and Sunday school classes for young students. It can also be used as a Hebrew study aid, both for independent learners and in school, as this book includes the original Hebrew text drawn directly from the Book of Exodus. Also included is a literal translation of the text, along with a glossary of all the Hebrew words found in this book with an English translation of each word, and a pronunciation guide, making this book ideal for students of Biblical Hebrew.

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