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The Life of Rebecca Excerpted From Genesis
Adapted by Alison Greengard
Illustrated by Carol Racklin-Siegel
EKS Publishing Co., 2002
ISBN: 978-0939144396

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Reviewed by Anna Dogole - October 31, 2011

Rebecca (Rivkah, Rebekah) was one of the four Jewish matriarchs that were instrumental in helping to establish Judaism as a religion, the other three are Sarah, Rachel, and Leah. She was renowned for her kindness, her generosity, her courage, her virtue, and her beauty. Married to Isaac, the son of Abraham and Sarah, she was destined to be the mother of twins, Jacob, who is also known as Israel, and Esau. Through her sons, she also became the mother of two nations, Israel and Edom.

The story of Rebecca and how she came to marry Isaac is found in the twenty-fourth book of Bereishit (Genesis). In the book, simply titled, Rebecca, Alison Greengard has adapted the story of Rebecca for young readers. This book focuses on the period from when Abraham's sent his servent out to look for a wife for Isaac, through to Rebecca's marriage to Isaac. This book opens from right to left (just as you read Hebrew) and the book begins with an introduction, in English, to the story of Rebecca and the book in general. The main body of the text follows and is organized so that you find the Biblical text of the story of Rebecca, in Hebrew, at the top of the right-hand page. Below the Hebrew text you will find a simplified English translation. On the facing page (left-hand page) is an informal illustration, by Carol Racklin-Siegel, that gives a visual representation to the portion of the story found on the opposite page. At the end of the story you will find a literal, English translation of the Hebrew text, which will be of most use to those studying Hebrew. This is followed by a glossary of the Hebrew terms found in the text. This glossary includes not only the English translation of the Hebrew words, but also a pronunciation guide.

Rebecca is one of several children's bible story books put out by EKS Publishing. This book is ideal as a read-out-loud book for non-readers, and as an early book for new readers. It is also ideal for use as a study aid, for students of all ages, who are learning Biblical Hebrew.

Rebecca is a wonderful role model, and her story is inspiring. With so much twaddle being published today, it is nice to see traditional Bible stories from the Chumush, geared toward young children, being offered in a quality format. Despite being a paperback, this book is well constructed and should survive even rough handling by several children, over several years, making it perfect for both libraries and homes with multiple children. In addition, the pages are coated so that they can be easily wiped off if sticky fingers happen to touch the pages. Most important, Rebecca is a timeless tale that both you and your children will enjoy hearing and reading time and time again!

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