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The Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

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The Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

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The Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
A Political, Social, and Military History
Edited by Spencer C. Tucker
Priscilla Mary Roberts, Editor, Documents Volume
ABC-CLIO, (2008)
ISBN: 978-1-85109-841-5

Reviewed by Boris Segel - February 20, 2009

The Arab-Israeli conflict is older than the state of Israel itself, and has given rise to a number of wars beginning in 1947 with the establishment of the State of Israel. This long-running discord has had implications not only for the middle east, but for the entire world, and the future of the conflict is likely to have serious repercussions long after it is finally over. In The Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Political, Social, and Military History presents a clear and accurate overview of the conflict and its political, social, military, and historical implications.

The Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict comprises four volumes. The first three volumes contain more than 750 alphabetically organized entries that highlight notable players in the conflict, places, and events, as well as the social and cultural aspects of the conflict. All the entries are throughly crossed-reference and include bibliographical information, allowing for more in-depth study of the topic under study.

In addition to the actual entries, the first three volumes of this encyclopedia are profusely illustrated with more than 500 images, and they contain a wealth of practical maps that enhance the readers understanding of the information presented in the entries. In addition, the first volume contains an introduction to the encyclopedia, written by General Anthony C. Zinni (retired), as well as an essay that provides a general overview of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. The third volume also includes a collection of unique and useful appendices that detail Air Force, Army, and Navy ranks in the variety of countries involved in the conflict. Brief country profiles and a chronology of events that range from 3300 B.C.E. - November 2007 are included, as is a concise glossary of terms and a selected bibliography.

The fourth volume in this series contains the text of 168 primary source documents that are pertinent to a thorough understanding of the conflict. These documents include the text of speeches, political statements, peace treaties, and constitutions. These documents are organized chronologically, and each includes a brief introduction that places the document in historic perspective and explains its significance. To give you an idea of the wealth of documents contained in this volume, here is a list of a handful of the documents that you will find in this historic volume: The information presented in these four volumes serves to present a detailed and comprehensive overview of this tumultuous conflict. It outlines the events associated with the conflict, provides keen insights into the causes of the conflict and the attempts to end it, and also its far-reaching social, political, cultural, and religious consequences. Hundreds of experts, in a variety of fields, have contributed to the writing of this encyclopedia. The result is an invaluable resource for scholars, students, and general readers seeking information about this influential conflict, as well as for those seeking to gain a detailed, and accurate understanding of the conflict. The Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Political, Social, and Military History is an essential, general reference encyclopedia that should be added to all academic and public libraries.

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