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A Light of Many Colors

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A Light of Many Colors
By Devorah Singer and Aliza Dubin
Voices from Jerusalem
Aish HaTorah Media Center
For Women Only

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - April 14, 2002

A Light of Many Colors is the title of a music tape containing a variety of songs sung by Devorah Singer and Aliza Dubin. These songs highlight the essence of the Jewish spirit and its eternal connection with the land of Israel. Each song tells a story, and each song is preceded by a brief introduction that provides unique insights into each song.

Devorah Singer and Aliza Dubin have pleasant voices that compliment each other. It is obviously, that they are passionate about the songs they are singing and that they hope that you will find these songs inspiring. These songs are a mix of English and Hebrew songs, and many of the songs are sung in a combination of both languages. If you don't know Hebrew, never fear, you will be able to follow the meaning of the songs and maybe even learn a little Hebrew along the way.

The songs contained in this collection are a mix of traditional songs such as Hinei Matov, as well as newer works. The music is acoustic, and is played primarily on guitars. There are twelve songs on this tape, and they are: This music tape was recorded by women, for women and it was recorded with the intention that only women would listen to it. The reason for this is that, according to Halakha (Jewish law) men, usually, are not permitted to listen to women singing. Conversely, although women are not forbidden to sing in front of men, it is considered immodest, in most circumstances, for a woman to sing where a man might hear her. This is a very simplistic overview of a complicated subject.

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