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Hebrew Illuminations 2012

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Hebrew Illuminations 2012

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Hebrew Illuminations 2012 (5771/5772)
A 16-Month Wall Calendar
By Adam Rhine
Amber Lotus, Wall Edition (2011)
ISBN: 978-1602374768

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - July 15, 2011

The Hebrew Illuminations 2012 wall calendar is a stunning work of art that features illustrations by the renowned artist of Judaica, Adam Rhine. The artwork featured in this 16-month calendar range from reproductions of his acrylic and watercolor paintings to his colored pencil work. The illustrations featured in this work included representations of various letters from the Hebrew alphabet, as well as illustrations of key Jewish concepts. The artwork is styled after the illuminated manuscripts and calligraphy of the medieval period.

Throughout, the illustrations that grace this calendar are vibrant, colorful, and they will spark your imagination and your spirit to greater heights. In addition, the illustrations in this calendar are suitable for framing, and many, I'm sure will endure as framed works of art long after the calendar itself has past its usefulness.

In addition to the fabulous illustrations, this is also, at its heart a traditional Hebrew calendar. This calendar begins in September of 2011. The first of Tishrei (Rosh Hashanah) occurs on September 29th of this year, and covers a sixteen-month period. Secular as well as Jewish dates are included throughout. Important information, such as reminders as to the weekly Torah readings, when Sabbath lighting times are, and notations about the various holidays, are also included. Brief commentaries on the illustrations are offered, along with a relevant prayer or saying that compliments each illustration. In addition, major secular holidays are listed. The Hebrew Illuminations 2012 wall calendar will grace any Jewish home or office, and is ideal for gift giving.

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