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Around the Jewish Year: Part One

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Around the Jewish Year: Part One

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Around the Jewish Year: Part One
A World of Fun and Learning from Rosh Hashanah Through Tu B-Shevat
Part of the Jewish Info-Mania Series
On CD-ROM for Windows and Mac
From Davka Corporation, (2007)
Ages 8-13

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - July 6, 2007

Around the Jewish Year: Part One is a computer program that is part of the Jewish Info-Mania Series. This program is designed to teach children, ages 8-13, basic information about Jewish holidays and about the months in which they occur. Part one of this program covers the period from Rosh Hashanah through Tu B-Shevat via a series of learning activities and informative games.

Around the Jewish Year: Part One consists of twelve learning sections, three quizzes that test the student on the material covered, and ten holiday themed games, such as Tashlick Toss, Name the Niggun, and Virtual Sukkah. As an added incentive to do well on the quizzes, three of the games in this program are padlocked. The key to opening these three games is scoring a sufficient score on the quizzes.

The twelve learning sections in this program cover: The program features vivid graphics and animation, lively music, and is narrated throughout. For those sections in Hebrew, the program gives the user the option to have the Hebrew text read in either Ashkenazic or Sephardic accents. It is also easy to switch back and forth between the two accents, if so desired. In addition there is also a 'printing press' that allows users to print out holiday cards, graphics, and black and white pictures that are ideal for coloring.

The program is contained on a single CD designed for use on both Windows and Macintosh computers, and it is easy to use and navigate through. In addition, you can play this program from the CD, or you can install the program directly into your computer. Instructions on how to do this are included with the program.

Around the Jewish Year: Part One is an informative program that makes learning not only fun - but effortless as well. This program is designed primarily for youngster 8-13, and as such older children may find the learning material 'old news' and the games a bit simplistic. However, for younger kids, this program is perfect. The kids will be attracted to the program by its eye catching graphics and exciting games, and they will soon find themselves mastering all the material in the program without really trying. In short, this is a great program for younger students that will provide hours of enjoyment and learning opportunities.

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