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  • 2008's Must Read Books on Israel & Zionism, by Moshe Phillips.
    Here is a brief survey of some of the best books on Israel, Zionism and Islamic terrorism you may have missed in 2008.

  • 2011: Israel & Hamas Will Go To War, by Moshe Phillips.
    All one has to do is scan late December's headlines to know that the battle lines have already been drawn for 2011. Hamas and Israel will either go to war (again) in the next twelve months or there will be a sharp escalation in Hamas attacks on Israel...

  • Afn Shvel: A Yiddish Cultural and Literary Magazine for the Modern Reader, by Rochelle Caviness.
    A brief overview of Afn Shvel, the contemporary all-Yiddish magazine that publishes an array of Yiddish fiction and poetry, as well as articles about Yiddish literature, history, and culture.

  • Anti-Jewish Nuances? Surely Not, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    Part of a family of distinguished Rabbinical scholars, Rabbi Daniel Lapin is known for his efforts to demonstrate ties between Jewish, Christian and conservative principles. He put a troubling spin on this thesis in a recent appearance on the Glenn Beck show...

  • Anti-Semitism 101, by Alex Joffe.
    One of the many dismaying things about anti-Semitism is its lack of originality. The rhetoric and setting change, but the substance persists. Anti-Semitism on American campuses is no exception...

  • Apportioning Blame, Saving a State, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    The Jewish settlers (in Israel) are not "extremists and fanatics," just people who wish to live on their land, work and raise family...

  • The Archeology War, by Alex Joffe.
    How long will it be before Israeli archeologists are unable to get off a plane in London lest they be served with a subpoena initiated by a Palestinian NGO?

  • Bias Against Israel Time and Time Again, by Moshe Phillips.
    On Saturday, August 7, 2010 Time Magazine demonstrated, yet again, that it is one of the most anti-Israel mainstream media outlets in the United States today...

  • The Biblical and Babylonian Flood Stories, by Israel Drazin.
    A comparison of the similarities and differences between the Bibilical and Babylonian flood stories.

  • The Burning Sky of Western Culture, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    A drafted book and recent essays examine the dynamics and identity of Western culture as a "cult of aesthetics," a culture with a singular drive to idealize and 'fix' its identity in images and to export and impose idealized images for worship, a strong form of recognition, validation and submission...

  • Creating & Manipulating Rage in the Era of the Triumphant Fiction, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    A short essay on the logic driving the push to 'recognize Palestine" and the 'Palestinians' and the utility to these same oligarchies of the tragic violence in Norway champion of the process....

  • Dialectic of Idealization: Dream & Terror, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    An excerpt of a piece analyzing the West & idealization, i.e., idolatry.

  • Did Rabbi Soloveitchik Make a Mistake?, by Israel Drazin.
    One of the great tragedies of Judaism is the way that it handles divorces. The rabbis interpreted the Torah to state that only men can initiate marriages and divorces...

  • Dionysus or David, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    A distinguished scholar once commented that if Israel had a counterpart to the ecstatic dances for Dionysus it was King David... This strikingly vivid analogy is misleading...

  • Do You Remember Your 21st Birthday?, by Moshe Phillips.
    Avshalom Haviv, a soldier of the Etzel, the Irgun Zvai Leumi who was making history on his 21st birthday. He was born in Haifa in the Holy Land of Israel on June 18, 1926. Haviv celebrated his 21st birthday in a British court, and was executed by the British in Acre Prison on July 29, 1947!

  • Does Israel Need Another New Political Party?, by Moshe Phillips.
    What is the HaBayit HaYehudi ("The Jewish Home") Party? What do they stand for and is there really a need for a new political party in Israel? These questions and more, are addressed in this timely article.

  • Does J Street Stand For Jordan Street?, by Moshe Phillips.
    J Street, the controversial Jewish pressure group that was created to lobby for a Palestinian state, is back in the news. J Street is now in the news in, of all places, Amman, Jordan because of their unauthorized, freelance diplomacy mission there. The question is why would the Jordanian monarchy be interested in meeting with J Street in the first place?

  • Elul, Rosh Hashana, and Yom Kippur For Children, by Rebbetzin Tzipora Heller.
    Creating Elul consciousness in the home really begins with our understanding of what Elul means...

  • Elul- The Unique Teshuva of Yonah: Part I, by Rabbi Avishai David.
    In Hilchat Teshuva, the Rambam devotes two chapters to the definition of repentance and its relevance...

  • Esau and the Dialectic of Terror, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    The dialectic of managed terror, attrition and threats of major conflict is growing in the Middle East. The client states ... in the region now are grouped into two clearly identifiable blocks... The choices are to lose oneself in everyday concerns and their imperatives and/or to feel, at least at the edges of consciousness a heightening of terror...

  • Esau & the Message of Twitter, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    When riots erupted in the Islamic world from Tunisia to central Asia they were dubbed spontaneous, a result of a widespread yearning for democracy, ahem, boosted by the latest digital technology: hence, 'the Twitter Revolution.'

  • The E.U.'s "East Jerusalem" Christmas Gift, by Moshe Phillips.
    Christmas came early for Israel's enemies this holiday season. On December 1 a "draft statement" from the European Union calling for the immediate restart of negotiations leading to a "viable state of Palestine...with East Jerusalem as its capital" made worldwide news...

  • From His Holy Mountain, SELAH, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    "Readers of Tehillim ("psalms") frequently encounter the word, "Selah" for example, in the verse, "He answers me from His holy mountain, selah" (3:5). Some people are not entirely clear about the interpretation of this word." After reading this article, you'll understand the importance and meaning of the word Selah.

  • From the Four Corners, by Alex Joffe.
    Are most Jews white? The impression that this is so is partially the result of the calamitous and decimating events of the 20th century...

  • Gaza Endgame?, by Elliot Jager.
    Lately there has been much talk of Hamas-Fatah unity in Gaza. Elliot Jager analyzes the real motive behind this concept.

  • Gentleman's Agreement & Hollywood's Israel Problem, by Moshe Phillips.
    In 1947, Hollywood gave us "Gentleman's Agreement," a thoughtful and compelling portrait of anti-Semitism in America in the period directly after World War Two and the Holocaust...

  • A Giant of Pro-Israel Activism in America is Gone: A Tribute to Herb Zweibon, by Moshe Phillips.
    Herb Zweibon, the founder and president of Americans For A Safe Israel / AFSI, died on Tu B'Shevat, January 19, 2011. It seems extremely appropriate that someone who focused so much of his energy, money and time dedicated to bringing peace, security and prosperity to the Land of Israel should have his life forever connected to a holiday that has at its core the themes of Israel's agriculture and land, the centrality of Jerusalem and the importance of contributing to charity....

  • G-d Shall Reign For Eternity: The Divine Code, by Moshe Phillips.
    A Commentary on Parashat Beshalach - Did the Rabbis of old who authored the classic Jewish daily liturgy still used today embed certain messages in the prayers that were specifically intended to draw attention to authentic concepts and central themes in Judaism?

  • Has There Been a 'Solution' for Every Gush Katif Resident?, by Helen Freedman.
    An update on the plight of the Gush Katif residents, who, three and a half years after their expulsion from their thriving communities in Gush Katif/Gaza, are still waiting for the government to fulfill its promises of permanent housing, jobs, and the like. This article also looks at the ongoing efforts of the Gush Katif Committee to make-up for the failures of the government.

  • A Hero's Story: Yoni Netanyahu, by Moshe Phillips.
    A new movie about Yoni Netanyahu called Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story, played in a suburban Philadelphia suburb late in July just minutes away from where the hero of the Entebbe operation went to high school in the 1960s...

  • Hillary Clinton's Rabbi, by Moshe Phillips.
    An essay on the negative influence that Michael Lerner, a radical activist and self-proclaimed Rabbi (he never completed his Rabbinical training), has had on Hillary Clinton and how his 'ideas' have helped to shape her views about Israel and Jews in general - and how her attitudes and the Obama/Clinton policy for Israel, may well threaten Israel's survival.

  • Holidays Don't Have To Be On Time, by Israel Drazin.
    Let's look at the Jewish practice known as "The Three Weeks..."

  • Holocaust without End, by Alex Joffe.
    Sixty-six years after the end of World War II, the Holocaust remains one of the central puzzles of human history. For Jews, the imperative is clear: to remember and to encourage others to remember. But remember what?

  • How Will Netanyahu Change Israel Forever?, by Moshe Phillips.
    While keen observers of Israel's political scene clearly understand that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel's most Americanized prime minister in its history, little is ever discussed as to what this means for the future of Israel's political system...

  • The Image Consumes Life: The End of Days, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    An excerpt of a piece analyzing how the "Postmodern era is one in which images consume and displace life".

  • Image-Work and Nietzsche's Critique of Wagner, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    This essay investigates the nature of Esau and his relation to Ya'akov largely by means of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche's wide-ranging critique of Wagner.

  • An Interview with Author Howard Riell, by Moshe Phillips.
    "Let us begin by asking the obvious; what is Riell Truth – Stay Angry! about and what made you write the book now?"

  • Introducing Targums Neophyti and Pseudo-Jonathan, by Israel Drazin.
    An overview of Targum Neophyti and Targum Pseudo-Jonathan, along with explanations about what these Targums are and when were they composed.

  • Israel for All, by Stuart Levenson.
    Are you blind or have some other disability that makes you think that it would be difficult for you to tour Israel or to fully appreciate all that you were seeing? If so, think again, thanks Israel 4 All, an innovative tour agency, you can...

  • Jewish Studies in Decline?, by Alex Joffe.
    Reports prepared recently for Israel's Council of Higher Education have brought despairing news about the condition of the humanities in the country's universities...

  • The Jewish Way in War, by Elliot Jager.
    How can democracies, acting under the conventions of international law, defeat Islamist terrorists operating by their own benighted rules?

  • John Kerry at State: A Disaster for Israel, by Moshe Phillips.
    An article that discusses the negative implications for Israel, if Senator John Kerry becomes the Secretary of State...

  • JPS & JBI Proudly Announce Groundbreaking Recording of the Complete Jewish Bible
    For the first time ever, the new JPS translation of the Jewish Bible, the JPS Tanakh, is available in audio format...(Press Release)

  • Israel, Taiwan and Nixon in the Obama Era, by Moshe Phillips.
    Both Israel and Taiwan have faced abuses at the hands of the United Nations, this essay details these abuses and the lessons to be learned by American foreign policy machinations from Presidents Eisenhower to Obama, in regard to Taiwan, and how they might impact Israel today.

  • James Bond, Jabotinsky and the Holocaust, by Moshe Phillips.
    A look at the new movie Defiance, and the opportunity it presents to remember the contributions made by the Zionist leader Ze'ev Jabotinsky, the Betar student movement, and related resistance groups.

  • Ki Teitzei: The Power of Unity, by Rabbi Herschel Reichman.
    Normally in the midst of war, soldiers become inhuman. Yet the Torah emphasizes that even in the heat of battle a Jewish fighter must maintain his sanctity...

  • Kofi Annan's Holocaust Problem, by Moshe Phillips.
    In June a shockingly disturbing article about Holocaust education appeared ... written by Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations. Annan questions the value of teaching about the Holocaust in the first place and deletes the memory of the Jewish victims from the Holocaust – not mentioning Jews one time...

  • The Koren Ethiopian Haggada: Journey to Freedom, edited by Rabbi Menachem Waldman.
    "Unlike other Haggadot that simply translate the traditional Passover text into Amharic for use by Ethiopian Jews, The Koren Ethiopian Haggada incorporates the Ethiopian community's modern-day exodus narrative and unique traditions into the telling of the Passover story..."

  • The Land of Israel: Is There an Alternative, by Moshe Phillips.
    Is there an alternative to Israel? The answer is a simple no, and in this article Phillips makes the very solid case for why Israel always has been, and always will be, the Jewish homeland.

  • The Line of Shleimut, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    This is the way of joy, wisdom and creativity: every woman of Israel a bride and every man a bridegroom rejoicing over his bride in all the banot of Israel inhabiting its borders...

  • Meet England's Helen Thomas: Patrick Seale, by Moshe Phillips.
    Patrick Seale is a columnist that is not at all well known in the U.S. At least not yet that is, however that may soon change. His criticism of America and Israel is a main theme that pervades his columns...

  • Message from the Guests - Shalit, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    At Sukkoth 5772 (October 2011), reports announced the belated release of soldier Gilad Shalit, kidnapped from his border patrol in June 2006, in exchange for a thousand terrorists; humans paid to murder Jews...

  • Netanyahu vs. Goldwater & Churchill: Why Not Victory?, by Moshe Phillips.
    The headline in Israel's most influential daily newspaper stated "Netanyahu: Direct talks are only path to true Mideast peace"... Netanyahu is not a political conservative. A conservative would proclaim that the "only path to true peace is victory." It is remarkable that so many political conservatives in the U.S. continue to see Netanyahu as a conservative analogous to the American style!

  • No Springtime for Palestinians?, by Sol Stern.
    Stern asks a vital, and heretofore unasked question: "Do not the Palestinians, at least as much as any of the other peoples of the Middle East, need a new beginning of consensual government?"

  • Onkelos on the Torah, by Rabbi Dr. Israel Drazin and Rabbi Dr. Stanley M. Wagner.
    An overview of the five volume series on Targum Onkelos, which was written by two outstanding biblical scholars. The Orthodox Union is currently publishing selections for this series on their website.

  • The Prime Ministers, By Yehuda Avner
    The Prime Ministers, Yehuda Avner’s bestselling book about Israeli Leaders, is to be made into two movies.

  • Recalling a Heroine of Israel's Founding Generation, by Moshe Phillips.
    The death of Shulamit Shamir, wife of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir on July 29 in her Tel Aviv home did not receive the coverage it should have. And that is an injustice we shall try to rectify here...

  • Thursday the Rabbi Got Fooled, by Moshe Phillips.
    An op-ed piece about Rabbi Brad Hirschfield and his absurd foray into the world of American Islamic TV, and who has attempted to rewrite Jewish thought by proclaiming that "that there is no absolute truth."

  • Pat Buchanan: Hater of Israel, Defender of Old Nazis, by Moshe Phillips.
    The essay is a response to an op-ed by Pat Buchanan about the conviction of Nazi War Criminal John Demjanjuk and also examines Buchanan's obsession with Israel.

  • The Peace Plan Israel Needs, by Elliot Jager.
    Earthquakes, tsunamis, and a nuclear meltdown in Japan have pushed aside news of ... the butchery by Palestinian Arabs of five members of a sleeping Jewish family in Itamar. Meanwhile, unfazed by such global realities, the United Nations General Assembly has turned its great hall into a theater for the March 14 premiere of an anti-Israel film...

  • Rabbi Riskin meets with Evangelicals, by Israel Drazin.
    Are evangelicals interested in supporting the State of Israel because they are convinced that this support will help them convert more Jews to Christianity?

  • Remembering Yoni Netanyahu and Entebbe, by Moshe Phillips.
    Benjamin Netanyahu's older brother was named Jonathan (Yonotan) Netanyahu and is often remembered as Yoni. Yoni was killed in action fighting anti-Israel terrorists on July 4, 1976 just as the world's oldest democracy celebrated its Bicentennial. Yoni died in a heroic effort which freed over a hundred hijacked hostages in Entebbe, Uganda and saved their lives...

  • Repealing the Military's Gay Ban will Enhance, not Threaten Religious Freedom, by Israel Drazin.
    In this editorial, Dr. Drazin explains why repealing the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy will allow chaplains to fulfill their role of serving all members of the military, without sacrificing an ounce of their religious liberties.

  • Slandering US & Israeli Soldiers, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    Many cultural, moral, economic and strategic principles and events bind America uniquely close to Israel...Now the two nations, specifically the soldiers of the two nations share another bond, they are being slandered...

  • Sovereignty v Corruption; Integrity v Image, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    This glare or image-formation and idol worship is darkness, a fundamental lie about life. In the shadows of the lie the world is filled with Hamas (“violence”)...

  • Targum Onkelos, by Israel Drazin.
    This article presents an overview and history of the Targum Onkelos.

  • Texas Congressmen & "A Night to Honor Israel", by Moshe Phillips.
    In June several Congressmen from Texas loudly declared their support for Israel at a time when few other politicians anywhere else on the planet are ready to stand with the Jewish State. It is time to take notice of their words...

  • Thomas Friedman, Anti-Semitism and Louis Farrakhan, by Moshe Phillips.
    "For decades New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman has used newspapers to indoctrinate his readers in his personal idea of what are moral and just policies towards the Middle East and Israel. But Friedman's morality should be in question: he is accepting an honor from a college that just provided hater Louis Farrakhan a large forum."

  • Update on the Mandate: Edom & Israel, by Dr. Eugene Narrett.
    When "William Hague, the Foreign Secretary of the Great Britain arrived in Israel November 03... His attitude reminded observers of the continuing British ambition to rule or displace Israel and make it a stepping stone to its Arab Federation..."

  • Was Anne Frank Murdered at Auschwitz?, by Moshe Phillips.
    The Monday, October 24, 2011 Philadelphia edition of the free commuter daily newspaper Metro contained a 300 word article by Bruce Walsh about a Center City Philadelphia theater's performance of "The Diary of Anne Frank."

  • Was Maimonides Jewish?, by Dr. Israel Drazin.
    On October 18, 2010, Jewish Ideas Daily published an article which was advertised as Was Maimonides Jewish? The article stated that "according to unpublished correspondence of the political philosopher Leo Strauss, no." But is this really the case?

  • What Every American Should Know About the UN, by Moshe Phillips.
    Important facts that most Americans probably don't know about the UN – but should.

  • What is the Jewish View About Reward and Punishment?, by Israel Drazin.
    There are many passionate disagreements among the Jewish sages about reward and punishment. This article discusses some of these various viewpoints.

  • What U.S. Newspaper is the Most Fair to Israel?, by Moshe Phillips.
    In these tough times for newspapers the question comes to mind: What U.S. newspaper is the most fair to Israel?

  • When is a Dirty Bomb Attack Not a Terrorist Attack?, by Moshe Phillips.
    Critics have been accusing The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper of failing to accurately report on terrorism and terrorists for years. Optimism should not be reserved that the media bias at The Inquirer will change any time soon simply because it has new owners...

  • Who is Israel's Sarah Palin?, by Moshe Phillips.
    Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni have often been compared to each other, however there is another women on the political stage that has been compared to Palin, and who may outshine them both: Knesset Member Tzipi Hotovely...

  • Who Should Replace Andy Rooney?, by Moshe Phillips.
    Would Larry Miller be a good replacement for Andy Rooney?

  • Why Was the First Passover Different From All Other Passovers?, by Israel Drazin.
    The Israelites' first Passover, celebrated in Egypt just prior to the exodus, was radically different from the Torah mandated holiday observed after the exodus. This article delineates how and why the first Passover differed from all those since.

  • Why Observe Torah Laws?, by Israel Drazin.
    Why Observe Torah Laws? A conversation between a nineteen-year-old young man and a Rabbi provides and edifying answer to the age old question.

  • Yitzhak Shamir: Warrior & Statesman (1915-2012), by Moshe Phillips.
    A brief biography of Yitzhak Shamir that explores his life, his legacy, and his role as one of the founders of the State of Israel.

  • You May Not Be "Pro-Israel" If..., by Moshe Phillips.
    The recent media attention garnered by the relatively new J Street lobby necessitates an examination of the very notion of the term "Pro-Israel." This essay defines what "Pro-Israel" means and examines how to tell when someone uses the term inappropriately.

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