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Vitamins for the Spirit

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Vitamins for the Spirit

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Vitamins for the Spirit
Inspiration, Wisdom and the Tools to Use Them
By Avi Shulman
Shaar Press - Distributed by Mesorah Publications, New York: 2000
ISBN: 1-57819-479-2

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Reviewed by Auggie Moore - December 31, 2008

Filled with 93 pithy chapters, Vitamins for the Spirit is a small book with a big message. Written by Avi Shulman, a seasoned educator and inspirational speaker, this book offers aphorisms (a short instructive saying that captures the essences of a larger lesson) that impart timeless life lessons on just about everything from setting attainable goals and taking responsibility to learning new behaviors and improving your communication skills. Most important, these lessons will not only inspire you, but they will also provide you with the necessary skills to become a better person and they will help you to improve your middos (character traits). Shulman, who worked as a classroom teacher for more than twenty-five years, is also the Director of the Torah Umesorah's S.E.E.D. program, and he currently teaches in the Aish Dos and Mercaz Teacher Training Programs. He has collected these aphorisms over the course of his long years of study and teaching, and has honed them into an invaluable study aid for students and adults of all ages.

This book is great for those short on time, or who are in need of just a little, inspirational, pick-me-up. As the author explains, this book is meant to be like a vitamin - a supplement designed to help insure that you meet your daily nutritional requirements. In this case, those requirements are of a more spiritual nature. Shulman states, "I found these 'words of wisdom' especially effective at the beginning of a class - to stimulate the thinking process..." (pg. 18.) They can also be used effectively as 'conversation starters' for young and old alike, and it is a useful self-study aid for independent learners. So stock up on a little spiritual wisdom with this pithy, edifying book!

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