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Shiurim For Women

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Shiurim For Women
By Rabbi Moshe Weinberger
Aish Kodesh Institute - Woodmere, NY (2000)
6 audio cassettes, consisting of tapes HA 231, 269, 278, 282, 307, 310
(Part of the Gevuros Yitzchok Hashkafah Series)

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - July 19, 2002

Women hold a special role in Judaism. They set the religious tone for their household, and women have a profound influence over their husbands, children, and all those who they meet. As the ultimate role model, we have the Matriarch Sarah. Standing up to this role model is a heady responsibility that takes constant effort to try and meet.

One means of learning about the role that HaShem has set out for us, as women, is the continual study of subjects in question. Such study will also help to increase our level of yiddishkeit and religious observance, thereby helping us grow on both a personal and spiritual level.

To this end, six shiurim by Rav Moshe Weinberger, an outstanding scholar and teacher, have been gathered together under the title, Shiurim For Women. This set of shiurim has been issued by the Aish Kodesh Institute, and the set comes in a sturdy collectors case that will easily fit on a bookshelf.

The eight classes in this collection where all given before a live audience, and they are all suitable for a mixed audience (i.e., men and women). All the lectures are given in English, with a number of passages read in Hebrew and then translated into English. While the primary language used is English, Rav Weinberger does use some common Hebrew and Yiddish terms that are not always translated during every shiur. However, even if you do not know the world straight away, you can easily discern its meaning from the context of the lecture.

The six shiurim in this collection, all of which can also be purchases separately from the Aish Kodesh Institute, are: In these shiurim, Rav Weinberger discusses the role of women in Judaism and the influence that they have. He does this by illustrating the effect that various women have had throughout time, such as our Sarah who was influential in helping Avraham to achieve his goals.

Another example of this detail analysis of Jewish, female, role models can be found in Rav Weinberger's shiur entitled The Seal of Yocheved. During this classes, he explores the mysteries surrounding Yocheved's birth, and her role as the mother of the Redeemers - Aharon (the first Kohen Gadol, i.e., High Priest) and Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses). He also explains that through her daughter Miriam, Yocheved shares the strength and chochmah (wisdom) that she obtained by Tznius (modesty - in dress, thought, and action) with all Jewish women. Most important, he explains that her life and deeds illustrate the redemptive nature of the Torah.

It is impossible to accurately convey the vast amount of information and inspiration to be found in these shiurim. In them you will find insights on just about everything from a woman's ability to console and comfort others, to insights on how to helpfully 'oppose' your husband in order to help him improve himself. Also discussed is the history and importance of the song Aishes Chayil (A Woman of Valor), and of the need for women to daven (pray).

These shiurim will help to give you chizuk (strength) to withstand the outside forces that try to prevent you from fulfilling your duty and from reaching your spiritual potential. I highly recommend these tapes for any Jewish women seeking to understand her unique role within Judaism, and the true importance of this role.

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