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The Bais Yaakov Cookbook

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The Bais Yaakov Cookbook

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The Bais Yaakov Cookbook
Complete, Informative, and Inspirational
200 Original Recipes to Uplift and Enhance Your Shabbos, Yom Tov, and Everyday Table
Edited by Batsheva Weinstein
The Fund for Jewish Education, 2011
Distributed by Feldheim Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-58330-348-1

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - February 15, 2012

The Bais Yaakov Cookbook is a gorgeous cookbook filled with more than two-hundred original recipes that are accompanied by stunning, art-quality, full page pictures of the prepared dishes. In addition, information about the relevant Halacha (laws) and Hashkofoh (philosophy) concerning the preparation of the various foodstuffs is included. The Halachic guidelines contained in this cookbook were written by Rabbi Daniel Neustadt. Also included is a guide to 'Brochos on problematic foods', information on how to check fruits and vegetables for insect infestation, and a list of culinary tips. This must-have kosher cookbook was published by The Fund for Jewish Education, a not-for-profit organization who has stated that "All proceeds will go to tzedakah (charity)."

The recipes in this collection are organized into thematic categories that cover appetizers, soups, salads, meat, poultry, fish, dairy, side dishes, bread, desserts, and cakes & cookies. In addition to the recipes, this book also includes an introductory essay by HaRav Avrohom Chaim Feuer entitled, The Recipe from Taam Gan Eden. This essay explores the role that women play in elevating their home, and the dining experience into a holy event through the preparation and serving of wholesome, kosher food. Also included is a brief history of the Bais Yaakov movement and its foundress, Sarah Schenirer. This history was written by Rabbi Avrohom Birnbaum, and it provides a concise and moving account of Sarah Schenirer's efforts to ensure that girls received a Torah-based education.

The Bais Yaakov Cookbook is an ideal cookbook for both novice and experienced cooks. The recipes call for commonly found ingredients, and include easy to follow, step-by-step directions, information on how many people the dish serves, along with any relevant cooking tips. In this inspirational cookbook, you'll also find a Brocha written especially for this cookbook by Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky A"H, along with her recipe for Challah. Informative, entertaining, and practical, the The Bais Yaakov Cookbook provides Jewish cooks with a wealth of mouth-watering recipes combined with relevant Halachic information and cooking tips. This cookbook is ideal for gift giving, and would make a wonderful present for new kallahs (brides) or anyone just setting up housekeeping. It is also a must-have for any kosher cook looking to expand their cooking repertoire.

A sampling of the recipes that you'll find in this wonderful cookbook include:
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