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Bedtime Stories Of Torah Values

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Bedtime Stories Of Torah Values

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Bedtime Stories Of Torah Values
By Shmuel Blitz
Mesorah Publications, Ltd.
ISBN: 1-57819-498-9

Chapter 16: Shlomo, the Wisest of All Men - Wisdom, from Bedtime Stories Of Torah Values

Shlomo, the Wisest of All Men - Wisdom

After King David died, Hashem appeared to his son, Shlomo, in a dream. “Tell me what you want,” Hashem said. “Whatever it is, I will give it to you.”

Some people would have asked for wealth, some for power and some for long life. But Shlomo asked for just one thing. “Give me wisdom, Hashem, so I will be able to judge the people properly.”

Hashem was very pleased with this request and happily granted it.

One day two women came before King Shlomo. “We live in the same house,” one woman said. “I had a baby and three days later she also did. Her baby died in the middle of the night. She took my baby and put her dead baby in its place. Please, give me back my baby!”

“Oh no,” said the second woman. “It is my baby that is alive. Yours is the dead one.”

The two women began arguing, each one claiming the baby was hers.

King Shlomo stared at the two women. “This is a very hard problem. There is no way for me to know who is telling the truth. There is only one thing left to do.”

“Give the baby to me,” screamed one woman. “It is mine.”

“No, it is mine,” shouted the other.

“Bring me a sword,” King Shlomo said. “Cut this child in two. Give each woman half of the baby.”

“Don’t kill him. Let her take the child!” one of the women shouted.

But the other woman said, “Yes, cut the baby in half. If I can’t have it, she shouldn’t have it either.”

Shlomo then told them, “Give the baby to the woman who said not to kill him. The true mother would never let her child be killed.”

All of Israel heard this story and saw how wise their king was.

Shlomo did not care about money or power. He wanted wisdom to do the right thing when he was king.

Used by permission, ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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