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Remarkable Park?

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Remarkable Park
By Bracha Goetz
Illustrated by Patti Argoff
Feldheim Publishers, 2010
ISBN: 978-159826-495-1

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - August 31, 2010

Visit the countryside, visit the zoo, or simply skip down to your local park to see nature in all its glory and the wonders that HaShem has wrought in creating such a wonderful place for us to live. In Remarkable Park, Bracha Goetz takes readers on an eye-opening journey through one such remarkable park where kids and adults alike can experience what nature has to say to each of us.

Goetz's lively text is accompanied by vivid illustrations by Patti Argoff. Children of all ages will find much in these energetic illustrations to entertain them. As well, these illustrations are a perfect accompaniment to the book's text, allowing non readers to follow along with the story by the pictures alone - as well as allowing them to make up their own story based on the book's illustrations. The text itself is dual purposed. It is well suited for reading out loud to young children, and as a book for new readers who will enjoy reading this book on their own.

After reading this book, your children will look at the world around them with new awareness of the many creatures that share the world with them, the wonders that exist if we just look for them, and the many lessons we can learn from nature if we just open our minds and listen to what nature has to tell us. Remarkable Park is a must-have book for both public and private libraries catering to young children.

A Book Review of Remarkable Park by Bracha Goetz - June 16, 2010

Remarkable Park is a new extraordinarily illustrated picture book that opens children eyes and ears to the spiritual messages found in each creation of our natural world. When children take a walk through this Remarkable Park, they find a new appreciation for nature!

What does a frog, an eagle, a puppy dog, and even an apple tree have in common? In Remarkable Park, children find that they all have something important to say. This is no make-believe "talking animal" story, however. It's a book about what is really going on all around us. While sharing quality time with our children, Remarkable Park inspires us to pause, notice and marvel together at the amazing creatures and plants that we may have easily overlooked before. After reading this book, your child may even look at a little ant on the sidewalk with renewed respect!

The responsibility given to us by Hashem to guard and protect our wondrous environment is often forgotten. As one young woman who just got the book observed, "I think it is wonderful for children and adults to learn to see God in the wonders of everyday beauty!" Remarkable Park reminds each of us how valuable and how enjoyable our natural world is.

Summertime is an opportune time to explore and discover what this special book makes vividly clear to children and adults alike:

Remarkable Parks they're everywhere!
All you have to do is LOOK.
Hashem made this world to talk to us,
Just like an open book!

Remarkable Park is available in Judaica stores and online from Feldheim publishers. This is the twelfth children's book for author, Bracha Goetz, who enjoys giving presentations of her books "in places near and far but just for ages 2 to 120!" Mrs. Goetz, who became a baaleis teshuva after graduating with honors from Harvard University, explains that she loves, through writing children books, to "simplify life's deepest concepts."

The author's proceeds from this delightful book are for the new yeshiva in Phoenix that Mrs. Goetz's oldest son, Rabbi Gavriel Goetz, is opening, Yeshiva High School of Arizona:,

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