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What Do You See On Sukkos?

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What Do You See On Sukkos?

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What Do You See On Sukkos?
A fun way for toddlers to learn everyday vocabulary!
By Bracha Goetz
ISBN: 978-1-60763-034-0

Review by Rochel Szendro - September 2, 2010

What Do You See on Sukkos? by Bracha Goetz - The newest book in this delightful board book series has just been released in time for Sukkos!

In What Do You See on Sukkos? our youngest children get to experience the many joys of Sukkos with their own eyes and little hands in this durable book made just for them. They can familiarize themselves with the variety of unique aspects of our upcoming Yom Tov so that they will genuinely feel a part of all the new and exciting happenings as they unfold. This book helps make their little world that much more understandable - and pleasurable too!

What little ones love most about this whole wonderful series are the adorable photos of children that look very much like them. They get so absorbed in each vivid scene - as if they were right there with the happy child on the page. These What Do You See? books depict objects and basic concepts in such a bright and colorful age-appropriate manner. It is such a charming way for toddlers to learn about the joyful life of a Jewish family, while increasing their vocabulary at the same time!

Is available at local Judaica stores and from the publisher at

Hardcover Board Book/ Ages 1-3/ List price $8.95, now on sale for Sukkos for $8.06

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