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The Stone Edition of the Chumash

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Stone Edition of the Chumash

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The Stone Edition of the Chumash
The Torah, Haftaros and Five Megillos with a Commentary Anthologized From the Rabbinic Writings
Edited by Rabbi Nosson Scherman
Mesorah Publications, New York: 1994
ISBN: 0-89906-014-5

Reviewed by Anna Dogole

The Stone Edition of the Chumash is a beautifully bound and well-organized edition of the Chumash (Torah) along with the Haftaros, and the five Megillos. The text is set with the Hebrew text of the Chumash on the right-hand side of each page, with a riveting English translation on the facing page. The Hebrew text includes both nikud (vowels), and trop (cantallation marks). As well, both the Hebrew and Aramaic texts of both Rashi and Onkelos are also included, as well as with commentaries based upon Rashi and other Biblical and classic Rabbinic commentaries.

Despite its size, this book is lightweight. It also features acid-free paper, a reinforced binding, sewn in ribbon to mark your place, and has an embossed cover with gold lettering. This edition also includes a genealogy page in which you can document your family's history.

This single volume of the Chumash is available in a variety of colors. An heirloom, leather bound edition, is also available. In addition to this full-sized edition, The Stone Edition of the Chumash is also available in a smaller, travel size that also includes the complete Shabbos service, as well as in a mid-sized, and personal-sized, five-volume slip-cased editions.

The Stone Edition of the Chumash is an outstanding, accurately translated edition of the Torah that is ideal for both general reading as a study text. In addition, the inclusion of the Haftaros, and the five Megillos (complete with commentaries) makes this a multi-use volume that deserves a prominent place in every Jewish home, school, and shul!

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