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A Novel
By Peter Charles Melman
Counterpoint: 2008
ISBN: 158243414X

Book Description:

As fictional characters go, few embody such striking contradictions as cardsharp Elias Abrams: Jewish by birth, he joins the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Indeed, the question of duality runs deep through this novel not only is Elias a Jew defending the right to oppress a people, but after he helps to commit a horrific crime, he finds himself unexpectedly overtaken by the power of love. Exploring themes of literature, redemption, atonement, and love, this novel delivers a startling dose of moral ambiguity, keen insights into the human condition, and unexpected moments that devastate with their casual simplicity.

About the Author
Peter Charles Melman was born in New York and raised in Louisiana, where he earned his Ph.D. in English-Creative Writing from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He currently lives in Brooklyn. Review
Peter Charles Melman's debut novel, Landsman, is a boisterous, sometimes brutal, and full-hearted tale of a Jewish hoodlum turned Confederate soldier in the Civil War. Elias Abrams is the son of an indentured servant in New Orleans who escapes a robbery gone awry--and the wrath of his old underworld gang, the Cypress Stump Boys--by enlisting in the Third Louisiana Regiment. Amid the deprivations and sudden violence of the war, and thanks in part to a lady correspondent looking to raise a soldier's spirits, he develops a surprising moral sense, knowing that he'll have to reckon with the crimes, and the criminals, he left behind.

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