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Sefer Daniel: Part 10 - Perek 6: Daryavesh Takes Control; Gives Daniel Too Much Power

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Sefer Daniel: Part 10 - Perek 6: Daryavesh Takes Control; Gives Daniel Too Much Power
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Revach L'Neshama

"And Daryavesh the Mede received the malchus at the age of sixty-two." Chazal explain that the possuk mentions his age to teach us that on the day that Nevuchadnetzer entered the Beis Hamikdash in the days of Yehoyakim, his enemy was born. Sixty-two years earlier, Nevuchadnetzer had besieged Yerushalayim in the eighth year of his reign. Seventy years had now passed, and the malchus of Bavel was taken over by Daryavesh.

In addition the possuk mentions Daryavesh's age to explain the reasoning for his following actions. The next possuk tells us that Daryavesh appointed one hundred and twenty officers over the 120 provinces in his kingdom, and three higher officers over the rest of the officers, of which Daniel was one of them. Since Daryavesh was growing old, he needed help in running his huge kingdom.

"Then Daniel was stronger than all the officers, because he had an extra spirit within him, and the king considered appointing him over the entire malchus." The king noticed Daniel's superior leadership skills which were a result of his great wisdom, and he realized that it would be better to have one man lead over all the officers.

The other officers then began scheming to defame Daniel to the king, but they were unable to find anything suspicious in his professional or personal life. Therefore, they sought to find fault with him through his religious laws. They would convince the king to issue a decree which would conflict with Daniel's religious laws. They knew that Daniel would be faithful to his religion in spite of any decrees, and they would be able to prove to the king that Daniel was not faithful to him.

The officers approached the king and proposed that a new decree be instituted in the kingdom.

"Whoever shall request anything for thirty days from any god or man besides the king will be thrown into the lions' pit." The king agreed to the new decree and signed it into law according to the laws of Madai and Paras. Once the decree had been written into law, it could not be revoked even by the king.

Revach L'Neshama
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