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Sefer Daniel: Part 15 - Perek 7 con't: Oy! The Geula Is So Far Away

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Sefer Daniel: Part 15 - Perek 7 con't: Oy! The Geula Is So Far Away
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Revach L'Neshama

And, I, Daniel, my spirit was troubled in my body, and the visions in my head confused me. I approached one of the standing ones, and I questioned him about the truth of all this. And he spoke to me, interpreting what was occurring. These huge beasts, which number four - four kingdoms will arise from the earth. And the high holy ones will receive the kingship, and they will inherit the kingship forever and ever."

"One of the standing ones" - This refers to the melachim who stand before Hashem.

The malach explained to Daniel that this vision was showing him the ultimate downfall of the four kingdoms. This explained why Daniel was shown the first beast, which represented Bavel, whose rule was already over. Following the demise of all four kingdoms, the "high holy ones", which refer to Yisrael, will inherit the kingship, and their rule will last forever.

Daniel then questioned the malach about the fourth beast described previously, which was different and more frightening than the other beasts, and the horn which emerged from it.

"I watched, and this horn fought with the holy ones and was winning over them until the Ancient of Days came, and took revenge for the high holy ones. And the time came, and the holy ones inherited the kingship."

"And was winning over them." - This was referring to the era when Bnei Yisrael was subject to religious persecution, either through forced debates or harsh decrees, which compelled them to violate the Torah.

The malach then explained that the fourth beast was representative of a kingdom which will rule the entire world. It will different because it will not serve avodah zara like the previous kingdoms. The Malbim says that this refers to Mohammed who changed the religion, and canceled the holidays. This kingdom will be completely destroyed.

"And the kingship, and authority, and the glory of all kingdoms underneath the sun will be given to the high holy ones. Its kingdom will last forever, and all authorities will serve and obey it. Until here is the end"

"Until here is the end" is not part of the possuk, but were the words of the malach as well. "Until here is the end" meant that the end of all matters will be when the kingdom of Shamayim, the everlasting kingdom will rule. This ultimate end is the purpose of all Hashem's actions in His world. The four kingdoms and the exiles Bnei Yisrael will endure are the means to the lofty purpose of the kingdom of Shamayim, which is the end of all deeds.

I, Daniel, my thoughts frightened me, and my appearance changed, but I guarded the matter in my heart."

This vision frightened Daniel since it anticipated the end of days which would occur in a distant era. He refrained from revealing this vision to anyone, since he knew that Bnei Yisrael still had to suffer through a long and dark exile, and he did not want to stifle the hopes of those eagerly awaiting the geulah.

Revach L'Neshama
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