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Davka Dikduk II

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Davka Dikduk II

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Davka Dikduk II
Advanced Hebrew Grammar
CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh
Davka Corporation, (2003)
Ages 13 - Adult

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - March 24, 2004

You're well on your way to becoming proficient in Hebrew. You've worked through an introductory text or software program, and you're ready for something more challenging. What's your next step? If you are already familiar with the basics of Hebrew grammar, or if you already worked through the Davka Dikduk program, your next step is, naturally, the Davka Dikduk II software program!

Davka Dikduk II is an innovative software program that makes learning Hebrew grammar fun, while challenging the student to excel. Building upon the information presented in the first Davka Dikduk program, which covered topics ranging from the parts of speech and verbs, to the rules for masculine and feminine words, Davka Dikduk II teaches more advanced grammatical concepts. In Davka Dikduk II you will learn the grammatical constructs (patterns) of the six Binyamin: Pi'el, Hif'il, Hitpa'el, Nif'al, Pu'al, and Huf'al (the seventh Binyamin, Kal, is not studied in this course.) You'll study prefixes, suffixes, interrogative words, numbers, and phonology. You'll also learn more about nouns, adverbs, and conjunctions, including the declension of nouns.

This course is organized into an introductory lesson, and five main units. The introductory lesson provides a brief overview of key concepts that you should already be familiar with, such as the parts of speech and the Binyamin, as well as a detailed lecture on Hebrew phonology and vowels (Torat Ha-Hegeh V'Ha'nikud.) Each of the main units includes a general lesson and explanatory material related to the topic being covered, an original Hebrew, short story that enhances the material being covered, and each unit also includes a variety of exercises and quizzes. Each short story is Israeli or Jewish themed, and is accompanied by illustrations and an English translation. There are fifty different exercises and quizzes scattered throughout the course. The quizzes are graded, and the program will keep track of your progress. When you shut down the program, the software will remember where you were in the course and return you to that place when you start the program again. A nice feature of this program is that several different people can use it at once, with each student's scores and place being saved each time they use the program.

In addition to the lessons and the stories, this program also includes a printable Hebrew - English Dictionary that covers the words used in the course, and a detailed help section that clearly explains how to best use the program. This program also includes sound effects, music, and voice feedback that lets you know when you answered a question rightly or wrongly.

Davka Dikduk II is a phenomenal program. It builds, seamlessly, on the information presented in the first Davka Dikduk program, and it provides a stimulating means of increasing your knowledge of Hebrew grammar. Concurrently, it also gives you an excellent opportunity to practice your Hebrew reading skills. This course can be used as a stand-alone product by those studying Hebrew on their own, or for independent learners seeking to expand upon, or reinforce, the material they are studying in a textbook. It can also be used to reinforce material learned in a classroom setting. Davka Dikduk II is perfect for use by both teenagers and adults. The material is challenging and innovating, as well as entertaining and fun to work through. Highly recommended!

System Requirements:

PC Minimum: PC with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, 32MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive, Sound Card, Pentium 166
Recommended: Pentium 233 and 64 MB RAM


Mac Minimum: Power Mac 166, 32 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, System 7.5 and above.
Mac Recommended: G3 233, 64 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, System 7.5 and above.

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