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Davka Writer Dimensions II

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Davka Writer Dimensions II
An Add-on Module for DavkaWriter

A CD-ROM for Windows
From Davka Corporation

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - February 26, 2003

(This review was based upon Davka Writer Dimensions, Version 1.01, which is no longer available. It has been superseded by DavkaWriter Dimensions II. The link above goes to the new version, which has a few more texts than the original.)

DavkaWriter Dimensions is an add on module for the DavkaWriter Hebrew - English word processing program. This module contains a monumental selection of crucial Hebrew and English texts that no home should be without.

This collection includes: Besides these basic texts, this module also comes with three additional Hebrew fonts from the Guttman Font Collection.

Beyond being able to read these texts on your computer, they can also be printed out as needed. In addition, sections can be cut and pasted into DavkaWriter documents. This module serves as an excellent study and reference library, and as such it is ideal for use by students, scholars, and by any Jewish group who needs computer / word processing access to these important texts. Not only can you cut and paste sections of these texts into DavkaWriter documents, but once you have done this you can edit the text and even add notes into the text. You can also edit and change the style in which the texts are displayed. This module greatly enhances the DavkaWriter program as these texts can be easily integrated into other DavkaWriter files.

Accessing the Texts

To access the texts on in this module, you first must have DavkaWriter 2001 or higher installed on your computer. Next you need to install the information contained on DavkaWriter Dimensions CD. This is very easy to do. Simply insert the CD into the computer's CD-Rom drive. An install window will appear that will quickly walk you through the installation process. You will then need to reboot your computer. If you had to upgrade your version of DavkaWriter, you may be asked to re-input the serial number of your DavkaWriter program. Once this is done, you will be able to access the texts.

To access the texts via DavkaWriter 2001, simply click on the 'open' button in the 'file' menu. You then can open the texts directly from the file in which they were stored when installed. If you have DavkaWriter Platinum 3.2 or later, you can access the texts by clicking on the 'tools' menu, and then clicking on the 'text library' button. A complete list of all the texts installed in the program will be displayed. Instruction on how to access and install the texts, along with screen shots, are provided.

Large Print Option

One of the nicest things about this program, is that once you have opened a given text, you can change the style and size of the font used to display the text. This enables you to enlarge the text to a size that is most comfortable for you to read. This feature will be of special interest to individuals who are visually impaired, for whom many of these texts have been inaccessible due to the small size of the type traditionally used in printed editions.

System Requirements

PC with Windows 98 or later
DavkaWriter 2001 or higher
DavkaWriter Platinum recommended.

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