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Why Marry Jewish?

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Why Marry Jewish?

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Why Marry Jewish?
by Doron Kornbluth
Targum Press: 2003
ISBN: 1568712502

Description of Book:

It's a question many young singles have asked themselves at one point or another. Here are some very convincing answers to the question. Author Doron Kornbluth presents some hard-and-fast evidence that will educate and enlighten. Citing dozens of research studies, he shows how inter-faith marriages affect not only the couple's relationship, but their children's futures, their family dynamics, and their own personal happiness. This is an intellectually stimulating, eye-opening book that will challenge you to think deeper about who you are--and what you want from life.

About the Author

Doron Kornbluth grew up in Montreal and moved to Israel in 1991 where he now lives with his wife (Judaica artist Sarah Tikvah) and three sons. He is a creative teacher, lecturer and sometimes tour guide and has become popular as a consultant on issues of identity and Jewish family life.

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