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Dr. Israel Drazin is a noted Bible scholar, the author of twenty books - including volumes on Bible commentary and philosophy - a retired United States Army Brigadier General, a Ph.D., a Rabbi, and a lawyer. His website is located is at:

In the United States Army, General Drazin developed the legal argument that saved the military chaplaincies of the Army, Navy and Air Force when lawyers filed suit against the United States government, insisting that these publicly funded institutions are a violation of the first amendment's prohibition against the establishment of religion.

Nine of Dr. Drazin's books are on Targum Onkelos, the rabbinically authorized fourth-century Aramaic translation of the Pentateuch. By careful analysis of the over ten thousand differences between the wording of the Targum and the Bible, Dr. Drazin was the first scholar to identify the date that the Targum was written.

Dr. Drazin has also written four books that focus on the philosophy of Moses Maimonides, explaining what should be important in people's lives, how they should think and how they should act.

His recent books are published by Gefen Publishing House.

You can contact Dr. Drazin at He would be happy to discuss his books and reviews with you.

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