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Torah Our Treasure

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Torah Our Treasure
A "Show 'n Tell Window Book"
Written by Etti Goldzand
Clay Creations by Batsheva Ravad
Produced by Avrami Tidhar
Feldheim Publishers, (2009)
ISBN: 978-1-59826-421-0

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - January 24, 2010

Torah Our Treasure is the third book in the Show 'n Tell Window Book series that combines the book's text and vivid illustrations with plastic windows behind which you can see samples of the various items used in making a Sefer Torah. Although designed for young children, this book will fascinate readers of all ages! The text combines rhymed poems and stories along with descriptions of how a Sefer Torah is created and written. These descriptions cover all aspects of the writing of a Sefer Torah, from how the parchment is prepared to how a new Sefer Torah is welcomed when it arrives at its shul.

Throughout this innovative book, children learn about the various people who contribute to the making of a Sefer Torah, from the tanner who makes the parchment to the Sofer Stam, who has the task of actually writing the Torah scroll. Goldzand also explains how a sofer prepares himself to write a Sefer Torah and how he goes about the task of actually writing the Sefer Torah. The various steps that are taken to ensure that there are no mistakes in the Sefer Torah are also covered. To this end, the role of the magi'ah (proofreader) is mentioned as well as how new technologies, such as computers are also used in checking on the accuracy of a new Sefer Torah.

The text of this innovative book was written by Etti Goldzand. While the bulk of the text is geared more toward younger readers, she has included sufficient information to enthrall older readers as well, including a glossary and a list of Torah facts. As well, the text is enhanced by the inclusion of illustrations made from clay scenes created by Batsheva Ravad. The text is further enhanced by the inclusion of samples, encased in plastic, of items used in making a Sefer Torah. These items include calfskin, processed skin, kalf (parchment), kulmos (quill), giddim (thread), and ink. Combined, this book presents a unique means by which to learn how a Sefer Torah is made that will fascinate readers of all ages!

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