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Ehud's Courage & The Cunning Blade

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Ehud's Courage & The Cunning Blade

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Ehud's Courage & The Cunning Blade
T.Q.A.S. Tanach Quest Adventure Series
CD-ROM For Windows and Mac
From Davka Corporation, (2004)
For Ages 12 Through Adult

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - March 28, 2005

Ehud's Courage & The Cunning Blade is an unforgettable adventure game that is both challenging and exiting. This is a role playing game in which you play the role of the Ehud the son of Gera. The game is set in Ancient Israel during the time of the Shoftim (Judges). You will need to travel throughout parts of ancient Israel in order to help Ehud to succeed in his quest to help the Israelites gain their freedom from Moabite rule. Along the way he will face many challenges, enemies, and puzzles that he must solve in order to succeed.

Before beginning to play this game, you should first familiarize yourself with Ehud's story. It is drawn straight out of the Tanach, and is located in Shoftim (Book of Judges), Chapter 3, verses 12 - 30. The complete text of Ehud's story is included as part of the game in both English and vowelized Hebrew. The text can also be printed out for further study. While the game does not strictly follow the Biblical narrative, it does use it as a general outline for the game's story line. As well, hidden within this text is information, such as the fact that Ehud was left-handed, that you will need in order to successfully help Ehud complete his quest.

This game features an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and full of helpful tools such as a map of the region, a 'talking' assistance that will help guide you through the game, an Ancient Hebrew decoder chart, and a magnifying glass function for when you need to get a close up of an item or area. Along the way, Ehud will need to collect various items, such as weapons, gold, and a flute which you simply drag to his inventory storage, and then drag them out again with your mouse when you need to use them. Also, search around each screen carefully as there are extra points hidden in the most unlikely spots! The game comes on a single CD-ROM that works on both Windows and Mac computers. You can play the game directly from the CD or install it onto your computer.

Ehud's Courage & The Cunning Blade is suitable for mature children through adults. Due to the nature of this story, it does include some animated violence. In addition, when Ehud loses all his lives (he starts with three and can earn more along the way), the screen becomes awash in red (blood) for a moment. This game helps to bring a facet of the Tanach to life in a vivid and entertaining manner. This is a challenging game that makes you think and plan out your strategy before hand. This is an excellent role-playing adventure game that allows you to explore the Ancient Israeli landscape and to immerse yourself in a Biblical story of historical importance. This is one of the best 'Jewish' role-playing games I've ever come across!

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