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Elul - Bombarding The Heavens With Our Requests

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Elul - Bombarding The Heavens With Our Requests
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Revach L'Neshama

A reason why we say L'Dovid Hashem by davening from Elul until Hoshana Rabba is brought down in the name of the Panim Yafos. The gemara in Taanis 8b says that if we ask Hashem for more than one request at a time we will not be granted even one of them. That is a problem before Rosh Hashana when even three wishes would be way too limited for our abundant needs. We need health, wealth, nachas from our children and a host of other specific requests. How can we suffice with only one?

The Panim Yafos answers that in L'Dovid we say Achas Sho'alti Mei'eis Hashem...Shifti Biveis Hashem"; I have one request from Hashem... to sit in his house and enjoy his sweet presence. In order to focus on Hashem and do the mitzvos properly ideally we need to be free of the daily struggle of earning a living. Dealing with sickness in one's home is a terrible all consuming affair. Grief from our children can eat us alive 24 hours a day and not let us think straight. We ask Hashem a zillion and one requests that are all really one request; please remove all the obstacles keeping us apart from our dear Father in Heaven.

So if this is what you have in mind, great, go ahead and keep adding to your laundry list of requests. But if the above doesn't describe your true inner feelings you better look over your list very carefully and decide which single request is the most important or else you won't get anything!

Revach L'Neshama
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