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Rosh Hashana : Shela HaKadosh - The Sound Of the Shofar, Can You Name That Tune?

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Rosh Hashana : Shela HaKadosh - The Sound Of the Shofar, Can You Name That Tune?
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Revach L'Neshama

The Shela says just like the body needs certain things to live such as food, water, sleep, warmth etc. similarly the neshama has its needs as well they include torah, mitzvos, and proper middos. If the neshama doesn't get the right amount of the things it subsists on it can sick and at some point even die.

This is the secret to the sounds of the Shofar. The first strong blast is a straight person before he does aveiros, Koheles (7:29) "Asah Elokim Es Ha'Adam Yashar" Hashem made us straight. This is the strong straight sound of the Tekiah. Once we do aveiros we become ill and sigh and moan like a sick person, which is the sound of the Shevarim. If we don't cure ourselves our neshama dies and then we hear the crying and wailing which is the sound of the Teru'ah. Although dead people cannot realistically become alive again, with the Chesed of Hashem all the crying and wailing of our teshuvah can rejuvenate us and make us come alive once more. That is why we end again with one more Tekiah.

We should all be zocheh to hear the great blast of the Tekiah Gedolah signifying the completion of our teshuvah and the recovery of our strong and healthy neshamos.

Revach L'Neshama
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