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Culture of Terror: the Collapse of America

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Culture of Terror: the Collapse of America

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Culture of Terror
The Collapse of America

By Dr. Eugene Narrett
AuthorHouse (2009)
ISBN: 978-1438981529

An Author's insights on his book, Culture of Terror: the Collapse of America
By Dr. Eugene Narrett - April 1, 2011

"Is Envy then such a monster?" --- Melville, Billy Budd, chapter 12, paragraph 3

The last chapter of Culture of Terror: the Collapse of America ( is actually an intensive analysis and explanation of the relation of the West to Israel. Examining the demonic and passionate dynamics aboard the warship HMS Bellipotent ("war power") in one of the greatest literary works produced by Western Culture as it passed into its decadent phase (1891), this long chapter is a slightly disguised exposition of the envious, imperial, possessive and aggressive war of identity theft that describes the West's conflicted attitude toward Jews, Judaism and Israel from its inception to this day.

Obtain this book, glance through the other chapters at your preference: they treat of cultural politics and identity as expressed in literature and the media, "the distraction machine." But above all study the last chapter which unveils the dynamics of a supremely great work and also defines with unique clarity and perspective why the West commits murder by suicide, as John Claggart does, in its relation to Israel.

Prof. Eugene Narrett is the author of five books about cultural history and Israel related issues. His latest book is Culture of Terror: The Collapse of America (May 2009). Dr. Narrett blogs at

Dr. Narrett is available to lecture and his services are available as an editor or co-writer of fiction or non-fiction projects. For more information, you can contact Dr. Narrett via his website at:

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