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Esau & the Message of Twitter

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Esau & the Message of Twitter
By Dr. Eugene Narrett - November 1, 2011

When riots erupted in the Islamic world from Tunisia to central Asia they were dubbed spontaneous, a result of a widespread yearning for democracy, ahem, boosted by the latest digital technology: hence, 'the Twitter Revolution.' The first and most solid tool of the Great Powers to go was Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.

Six months before the spontaneous outbursts, the world had been put on notice about Mubarak by that distinguished British publication, The Economist in a cover story featuring his likeness and titled, "Thank You and Goodbye."[1] Top dogs at the influential magazine regularly attend the Bilderberg conferences at which sensible policies to coordinate a world of peace are discussed by today's aristocracy.

It should be clear by now that "the wars of the era of world peace, the era of high policies" like peace processes, G-8 and co-prosperity conclaves of various kinds are "more terrible than the wars of nations because they are formless"[2] and conducted by private armies organized by those who wager entire continents as experiments in the management of generic human inventory. The well-scripted twitter revolutions, ongoing, exemplify an important truth of geopolitics and impoverishment.

The resurgence of Ishmael (Islam) is a project of Great Britain, America, France and Russia as they alternately joust and collaborate in scrambling the nations (eggs) of the world into a global omelet. Islam is a perfect crisis starter and can keep the kettle boiling when well supplied with armaments, cash and diplomatic apologetics. Esau by nature is adept at providing all of these, and does. Still, there comes a stage in the game when, like any stooge, Ishmael needs reminders of who writes the script and calls the shots. There was no better way to send this message than by taking down a pillar of Anglo-American policy like Mubarak, -- and then pretending the scripted takedown was "spontaneous." This kind of chutzpah can't be topped and it's meant to be recognized by everyone. Don't cross these folks and don't take on airs. Don't start believing in global jihad, the caliphate and all that: there will be a global State, it will be far more effectively autocratic than any caliphate and it likely even will have a caliph appointed and supported like Mubarak was.

The Assad family got uppity, Kaddafi, too; now look at the tzuris they're having… The latter has redoubled his efforts to pass himself off as the reincarnation of Salvador Dali.

There is a saying about "the twittering of trivial birds" and futile prayer; those who are sold a life of hand-held electronic devices are useful idiots, small birds, for the mighty who bankroll the development of these technologies of hypnotism and control. Esau is running the show; he is a great designer and gamer: it is his nature. His grand designs have a high degree of morbidity and cold-sober insanity built into them.[3] His princes intend to rule the impoverished and fragmented world they are making but the petrifact will not long endure. In the meantime, however, it is hard to endure living through its birth pangs. Its main target has not changed: the foe and negation of the glittering image, idol worship and games, -- Jacob; Israel and all the lucid joy and abundance it embodies. It is Sukkoth; it is time to understand the game to see oneself and one's opposition more clearly. One is well-advised to extricate oneself or avoid all aspects of the twitter revolution, "convergence" ( Google it) and all those technologies (image-weaving) whose prefix is an 'I' and his goal is the subversion of any genuine individuality and humanity.

[1] The Economist, July 10-17, 2010
[2] Oswald Spengler, The Decline of the West (NY 2006; Alan Helps one-volume abridged English edition from the translation of Charles F. Atkinson), "the State and History" 1917; 1922
[3] Baba Kama 92, Ishmael exclaims, "Esau, you are unstable" at the latter's explanation of how they can murder Isaac and Jacob. See also Ezekiel 38-9 on the "wicked design" dreamed up by Gog of Magog, Prince who draws the world.

Prof. Eugene Narrett is the author of five books about cultural history and Israel related issues. His latest book is Culture of Terror: The Collapse of America (May 2009). Dr. Narrett blogs at

Dr. Narrett is available to lecture and his services are available as an editor or co-writer of fiction or non-fiction projects. For more information, you can contact Dr. Narrett via his website at:

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