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Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students

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Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students

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Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students
A Multimedia Program
By Esther Raizen
Illustrations by Gil Zilkha
University of Texas Press (2009)
ISBN: 978-0-292-77114-7

Reviewed by Simone Bonim - February 1, 2011

Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students is the second book in Esther Raizen's phenomenal multimedia course on Modern Hebrew. Like the first book in this set, Modern Hebrew for Beginners, this text includes a host of reading selections, exercises, and lessons. Also, like the first book in this set, it is meant to be used in conjunction with a companion website, located at: This website contains exercises, video clips, sound recordings, tutorials, and much more - most of which are keyed to the textbook.

However, unlike the first book, in which all instructions are provided in English, in this second volume, instructions on how to complete the various exercises are provided in Hebrew only. However, the actual lessons, which consist mostly of discussion on various points of grammar, are provided mostly in English. Students who have completed the first book successfully, or have completed most college level beginning Hebrew textbooks, should not have any difficulty following the Hebrew directions.

Each lesson in this text begins with a vocabulary list, followed by a reading selection. Following the readings, you will find questions related to the reading that can be answered in writing or orally, as well as a host of other exercises that will help to improve your overall Hebrew skills. Throughout the text, you will find icons, indicating when there are corresponding lessons or material on the website.

Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students is a combination textbook and workbook, and it is designed as a flexible program, making it ideal for use in both high schools and college Hebrew language courses, as well as for use by independent learners. Perhaps, most important from the student's viewpoint, this is a fun book to use due to the integrations of online tutorials, virtual tours, and other multimedia exercises. As well, Professor Raizen has included a wealth of cultural information throughout the text, which helps students to better understand the context in which Hebrew is used in daily life in Israel and abroad.

This textbook is designed to be used over a two-semester course of study, and when completed, students will have advanced to the higher end of the intermediate level.

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