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Tall Tales Told in Biblical Hebrew

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Tall Tales Told in Biblical Hebrew

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Tall Tales Told in Biblical Hebrew
By Ethelyn Simon, Irene Resnikoff, Linda Motzkin, and Susan Noss
EKS Publishing Co., 1994
ISBN: 978-0-9391-4420-4

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Reviewed by Simone Bonim - December 16, 2011

For students of Biblical Hebrew, it can be hard to find any reading material, other than the text of the Bible, to practice their reading skills. While reading the Bible in Hebrew is the main goal, it still makes a nice change of base to try your hand reading something else on occasion. For those looking for something unique to read, that is written in Biblical Hebrew, look no further than Tall Tales Told in Biblical Hebrew!

Perfect for readers of all ages, this book contains nineteen stories adapted from well-known fairy tales and folk tales, such as The House that Jack Built, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, The Emperor's New Clothes, Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, Icarus and Daedelus, and Ali Baba. The vocabulary used in these stories is comprised mostly of the most common of Biblical words and terms (those appearing in the Bible 200 times or more), making this book accessible to beginning students working from just about any Biblical Hebrew textbook available. The book also begins with a Word Bank of seventy-one words that you should know before beginning to read these stories. In addition the stories get progressively 'harder' as you work through the stories. This ensures that as your reading skills improve, you will have more challenging stories to read.

Each story begins with a brief outline of the points of grammar that you need to know to understand the story, along with some vocabulary words that you might not know. The text does not explain these grammatical concepts. The stories in this collection are keyed to The First Hebrew Primer, and the text points you toward the relevant sections in the Primer , if you need to brush up on your grammar skills. [Please note: All the stories in Tall Tales Told in Biblical Hebrew are also contained in the The First Hebrew Primer, with minor variations.]

Throughout, the vocabulary words and grammatical concepts that you have learned are repeated often, within the telling of these stories, to reinforce your understanding of the vocabulary and grammar. In addition, as you are likely to already be familiar with these stories, you will be able to extrapolate unfamiliar words from the context of the stories. In addition, audio cassettes with reading of these stories are available from the EKS Publishing Company. These audio cassettes can be used to practice your listening skills or, by reading the stories along with the tapes, you can check your pronunciation of the Hebrew.

Tall Tales Told in Biblical Hebrew is a must-have book for anyone studying Biblical Hebrew. The stories are fun to read, and are perfect for students of all ages. These stories can be used profitably in a classroom setting, as supplemental reading, as well as simply for pleasure reading. In short, Tall Tales Told in Biblical Hebrew is a fantastic book for anyone seeking to improve their Biblical Hebrew reading skills!

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