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My Tzitzis Book

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My Tzitzis Book
A "Show 'n Tell Window Book"
Written by Elisheva Schreiber
Clay Creations by Batsheva Ravad
Produced by Avrami Tidhar
Feldheim Publishers, (2008)
ISBN: 978-1-59826-155-4

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - January 25, 2010

It's time to start wearing Tzitzis! But what do they mean, how are they made, and why do we wear them? Learn the answers to these questions, and more in My Tzitzis Book. This innovative children's book not only explains the mitzvah of wearing tzitzis, but also how they are made - complete with samples of the materials used in making them. These samples are encased in plastic and included a sample of wool dyed the color of techeles, the corner of a garment with a hole in it for the tzitzis strings, grease wool, cleaned and combed wool, tzitzis strings, and a tzitzis knot.

Written by Elisheva Schreiber, the text is a mix of rhymed segments and short stories for younger readers. Also scattered throughout the book are short excerpts from religious texts, in Hebrew, which deal with tzitzis. As well, along the bottom of each page you will find concise explanations, for older readers that explain the various processes that go into the making of tzitzis from how sheep are sheared to how the tzitzis knots are tied. The various items to which tzitzis can be attached, such as a tallis katan and tallis gadol are also covered.

This marvelous book is further enhanced by the inclusion of illustrations made from 'clay creations' made by Batsheva Ravad, who made all the pictures in clay, giving the illustations a three-dimensional feel. If your son is getting ready to start wearing tzitzis, this book is sure to help him get excited about fulfilling this important mitzvah. If he's already started wearing them, it will help him to learn more about how they are made and why they are worn. As well, all members of your family will find this book to be informative, as well as extremely entertaining. In addition, Schreiber's rhymed text is ideal for reading out loud to pre-readers, who will enjoy listening to you read while looking at the engaging and detailed clay created illustrations.

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