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I Really Love Yiddish

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I Really Love Yiddish

I Really Love Yiddish
A Mini-Course in Yiddish
By Emanuel S. Goldsmith
The Workmen's Circle Publishers, 1998
ISBN: 1-877-90967-X

This book can be ordered from The Jewish Book Center of The Workmen's Circle or at many fine Jewish bookstores.

Reviewed by Herbert White - October 27, 2008

I Really Love Yiddish offers an entertaining introduction to the wondrous world of Yiddish. This course was written by Rabbi Emanuel S. Goldsmith, a Professor of Yiddish and Jewish Studies at Queens College in New York, and he is the Rabbi of Congregation M'vakshei Derekh. In addition, this short course consists of an oversized, 30 page booklet and an accompanying audio cassette. In the booklet you will find the text of thirty different examples of Yiddish drawn from poetry, folksongs, and humorous writings. Each text is presented in three different formats - in Yiddish, in transliteration, and in English translation.

The audio cassette contains the Yiddish text of all these selections, read or sung by Goldsmith. This audio cassette can be used as a 'follow-along' aid while reading the booklet, it can be listened to strictly for pleasure, or can be used as a study aid to learn the correct pronunciation of Yiddish. Some of the myriad of works that you'll find in this collection included: If you already know Yiddish, you'll find that I Really Love Yiddish is a pleasure to read. If you have never studied Yiddish before, I Really Love Yiddish is an appetizer that is designed to whet your appetite for more. Once you finish this mini-course, head on down to your local Workmen's Circle. They offer Yiddish courses and various cultural events all across the county, and they publish many fine Yiddish textbooks for those wanting to continue their Yiddish studies in a formal setting or on their own.

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