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Jewish Fact Attack

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Jewish Fact Attack
6 Great Games That Teach Basic Jewish Concepts!
Created by Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz

Davka Corporation

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - December 8, 2002

Davka Corporation's Jewish Fact Attack is a CD-Rom collection of six innovative and fun to play educational games that teach basic Jewish concepts ranging from the Hebrew alphabet to the correct order that the books in the Tanach occur.

This collection contains six games, Holiday Hoops, Tanach Timer, Alef-Bet Airplanes, Parasha Puzzlers, Calendar Catches, and Torah Toss. Although designed for elementary aged students, adults who are new to the study of Judaism will also find these games fun and challenging to play. All of these games come with realistic sound affects. Many of these games also come with energetic music scores that can be easily turned off, if desired.

The games on this CD are played directly off of the CD-Rom, which can be used on both Window PC and Macintosh computers. In both cases you will need to have your display set to 800 X 600 pixels in order to have the games sized correctly on your screen. When the CD is finished loading the Fact Attack menu page will appear. From this location it is simply a matter of clicking on the title, or the picture, of the game you want to play. Here you will also find a link to the Fact Attack Reference Library Room.

The Reference Library Room contains information related to the various games in this collection. For example, in this room you'll find a complete list of all the books in the Tanach, in both English and vowelized Hebrew. You'll also find a lists of the Parshiot, the Jewish Holidays and the months they fall in, and a list of the Hebrew months. All of these lists are available in both English and vowelized Hebrew. In the Reference Library Room you'll also find a the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, listed in order. Most of the games in the Fact Attack have 'help' links, that show you the information available in the Reference Library Room that is relevant to the game you are currently playing.

The Jewish Fact Attack Games: Suitable for players of all ages, the Jewish Fact Attack offers hours of instructive play. The games can be used as a teaching tool, as well as a means of reinforcing information already acquired. They can also be used as a fun way of testing your knowledge of basic Jewish concepts. And truth be told, the games in the Jewish Fact Attack are also entertaining, and the fact that you might be learning something while you play doesn't, in the least, take away for the FUN you'll have playing these games - no matter what your age!

System Requirements:

PC (Pentium 133 or higher)
Windows 95/98
16-bit color display
16 MB of RAM
CD-ROM driver
Sound Card


Macintosh System 7.5.3 or higher
16 MB of RAM
CD-ROM drive

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