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The Miracles of Chanukah: Then & Now

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The Miracles of Chanukah: Then & Now

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The Miracles of Chanukah: Then & Now
By Genendel Krohn
Illustrated by Tova Katz
Feldheim Publishers, Jerusalem & New York (2010)
ISBN: 978-1-59826-645-0

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - November 28, 2010

Chanukah is a joyous holiday that commemorates unprecedented miracles. In The Miracles of Chanukah: Then & Now Genendel Krohn explores the myriad of miracles associated with Chanukah, from its origins through the present day. These miracles are examined via a variety of stories garnered from our Midrashim as well as from other sources.

These stories are both educational and entertaining, and they are sure to please the entire family. The stories are accompanied by lively illustrations rendered by Tova Katz. These stories are further enhanced by 'Did You Know' segments that offer the reader intriguing tidbits of information on Chanukah lore. The stories in this book are divided into two sections. The first part of this book is devoted to the story of Chanukah and the original Chanukah miracles, while the second part is devoted to stories about modern day miracles related to Chanukah.

The stories in this book are entertaining and inspirational, and they serve to remind readers of HaShem's love of the Jewish people. In short, this is a fun book that your children will enjoy reading over and over again, and which you will enjoy reading to the pre-readers in your family.

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