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Hebrew Before You Know It Deluxe

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Hebrew Before You Know It Deluxe
By Transparent Language

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - February 26, 2007

Hebrew Before You Know It Deluxe (BYKI) is an innovative flash card program that will enable you to quickly master any vocabulary or fact list. The Deluxe Hebrew version of BYKI comes with 67 lists, containing more than 1,000 words and phrases in volwelized Hebrew and 53 lists in transliterated Hebrew containing more than 700 words and phrases. Many of the flash cards include illustrations, and include a speech component that offers the opportunity to hear a native Israeli speaker read the card. You can also make your own lists, not only additional Hebrew lists, but lists on any subject or in a wide range of languages from French or Japanese to Russian or transliterated Yiddish.

There are five different modes by which you can use these flash cards. These range from seeing and hearing the word in Hebrew, then flipping the card over for an English translation. Or you can also see the English side first, and type in your answer in Hebrew. In addition, you can mark your progress through the various lists by allowing the program issue various scores for correct answers. This program also includes audio flash cards that can be used on your iPod or MP3 player, and the BYKI progam can be run on most Palm and PocketPC devices.

Not only does this program include the basic flash card program, but it also includes a selection of learning activities based on each list. Activities include multiple choice, dictation (where you type in your answer), and pronunciation exercises. The pronunciation exercises allow you to not only hear the words pronounced, but it gives you the opportunity to record your voice and compare your pronunciation to that of a native speaker. This is done not only by sound, but also via the use of a variety of pronunciation graphs and a speech meter.

BYKI is an excellent flash card program, and one that is practical not only for studying Hebrew vocabulary, but due to the ability to create your own lists, for just about any subject you can imagine. As well, on the BYKI website you'll find a wealth of free lists created by other BYKI users that you can download for your own use.

A lite version of the BYKI program is also available and comes bundled with the Learn Hebrew Now! program. The main difference between the lite and deluxe version is that the lite version only contains the 67 Hebrew lists, and not the additional 53 transliterated lists. In addition, the lite version does not give you access to the supplemental learning activities, nor does it give you the opportunity to make your own lists or to edit the existing lists.

In my judgment, it is the ability to make your own lists, in any subject, that make the deluxe version such a worthwhile investment for students of every ilk. In addition, for students of Hebrew, or any language, the BYKI flash card program will help you to quickly learn and test your knowledge of Hebrew. As such, I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a computerized flash card program that gives you the ability to quickly, and easily, create your own flash cards.

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