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Ulpan Arcade

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Ulpan Arcade
Fast Paced Hebrew Learning Arcade!
Ages 10 and Up
On CD-ROM for Windows

Also available in a MAC edition.

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - July 14, 2008

Learning Hebrew has never been so fun, as with Davka's new Ulpan Arcade computer program that is available in both Windows and Mac editions. This ingenious program will help you to learn more than 1,000 Hebrew words, while you are having fun playing ten different games. Filled with 3-D animation, great sound effects and lively music, Ulpan Arcade will delight learners of all ages.

The vocabulary words in this program are divided into ten thematic categories that include: In addition, each category is further divided into subcategories. For example, the subcategories within the Technology section are: Communications, Construction, Construction Materials, Electricity, Light, Electronics, Construction Equipment, and Computers.

Within each subcategory, students study a specific word list and when they think that have a strong grasp of the material they can move onto the game associated with that list. In all, there are ten different types of games in this program - one for each category. They range from memory and find & match games, to various translation games that test the students listening and reading skills. The game will not only keep a record of scores, for multiple players, on the various games, but when you successfully win a game - you can print out a personalized certificate to document your achievement.

Throughout, to hear a vocabulary word spoken by a native Hebrew speaker, simply click on the word. In addition, you can use your computer's microphone (not included with the game) to compare your pronunciation of the word with the speakers. As well, students can print out the word lists and exercises found in this program.

I found that the vocabulary words in this program cover a wide range of topics, and levels from basic words such as house and dog to more eclectic words such as bookbinder and mountain climber. Overall, the program provides students with an entertaining means of improving their Hebrew vocabulary. Throughout, English translations are provided, and you can hear all the words pronounced in a natural manner by an authentic Hebrew speaker. Combined with the games, which also serve as vocabulary quizzes, students will find that they quickly absorb the vocabulary words presented in this program.

Ulpan Arcade is well suited for use by students of all ages, and it is an excellent method of introducing common and essential vocabulary words to students new to the study of modern Hebrew. It also serves as an excellent review program for more advanced students. Fun and easy to use, I highly recommend Davka's Ulpan Arcade to all students of Modern Hebrew.

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