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Yearning with Fire

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Yearning with Fire

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Yearning with Fire
Longing for the Geulah and Enhancing your Life in the Process
A 5-Minute Lesson-a-Day Program
By Rabbi Heshy Kleinman
Artscroll - Mesorah Publications, New York: 2010
ISBN: 9781422609965

Reviewed by Anna Dogole -September 2, 2010

We want Moshiach Now! We've been in the Galut for far too long!! These are cries that have echoed through the ages. Besides simply wishing for the Geulah (redemption), is there anything that we can do, on a personal basis, which will hasten the Geulah? The answer is an unequivocal Yes!

In Yearning for Fire, Rabbi Heshy Kleinman, the author of the influential Praying with Fire series offers keen insights into the various ways in which we can hasten the Geulah and improve our own lives in the process. Like the Praying with Fire series, the information in this new book is organized into a 5-minute a day lesson plan. The key to hastening the Geulah is a sustained and deep longing for redemption. In this book, Rabbi Kleinman offers tips on how to sustain and increase this longing, and how this spiritual exercise not only helps to bring us closer to HaShem, but also brings us unexpected blessings.

Yearning for Fire is a life changing book. This book will help you to achieve ahavas chinam, and you will find that its lessons will beneficially impact every aspect of your religious life from Torah study and prayer to doing charity and observing the holidays. In the process, Rabbi Kleinman also teaches us seven practical strategies that we can each follow, that will hasten the Geulah.

The information in this invaluable text is organized into short lessons that can be completed in about five minutes a day. This book includes a learning calendar that will help to keep you motivated and to give your learning direction. Most important, each lesson includes some insights to 'take with you' that help to expand upon the lesson and to provide fodder for further thought and meditation which will help you to internalize the information you have just learned.

Filled with insights from the Gemara, the Rishonim, the Acharonim, and the Torah, Yearning for Fire is a worthy text that you are sure to read and study over and over again.

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