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Mrs. Honig's Cakes, Volume 4: Summer Stories

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Mrs. Honig's Cakes, Volume 4: Summer Stories

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Mrs. Honig's Cakes
Volume 4: Summer Stories
By Pessie Frankel & Yockeved Leah Perkal
Feldheim Publishers, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59826-582-8

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - September 13, 2010

Summer Stories is the fourth volume in the beloved Mrs. Honig's Cakes series of books. Filled with Yiddishkeit infused stories that are entertaining and engaging. This book will provide readers with hours of fun reading for both boys and girls. There are forty short stories in this collection, and they can be read one at a time over the course of time, or you can sit down and enjoy them all at once if you have a big appetite!

Most of the stories in this new collection revolve around summer activities - going to camp, playing outdoors, staying at a summer bungalow with your family, meeting old friends and making new ones, and simply having a good time over summer vacation. A few also deal with going back to school at the end of summer! The main characters in this volume include Dini who is in third grade, and Shiffy and Esty, who are both in fifth grade. Over the summer they spend a lot of time visiting Mrs. Honig, and enjoying her cakes and cookies along with a plethora of tasty stories.

These wholesome stories, written by Pessie Frankel and Yockeved Leah Perkal, are sure to become perennial favorites with the whole family!

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