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My Israel Hebrew Adventure

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My Israel Hebrew Adventure

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My Israel Hebrew Adventure
An Interactive Hebrew Learning Voyage!
On CD-ROM for Windows and Mac
From the Institute for Computers in Jewish Life and Davka Corporation, (2007)
Ages 8 - Adult

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - July 9, 2007

My Israel Hebrew Adventure is an interactive computer program that takes users on a marvelous tour through Israel, and along the way they learn more than 500 Hebrew words. The adventure begins when you receive a package from your Uncle Chaim, who recently passed away. Inside the package you find airplane tickets for you and your family - and an itinerary for your upcoming visit to Israel. Also, included are some books to help you start learning basic Hebrew.

Every aspect of this program has an interactive component, from packing your bags for your journey to touring the countryside. The program is divided into five sections:
  1. The introduction introduces you to the program and gets you packing for your upcoming journey. Along the way you are introduced to the basic aspects of Hebrew grammar, including nouns, pronouns, adjectives, action and being verbs, and connectors.

  2. Next you move on to the first full lesson, entitled Up Up & Away. In this lesson you will travel to the airport, board your plane for Israel, and then fly off to Israel. This section covers nouns, and teaches you about masculine and feminine nouns, as well as the singular, plural, and dual endings.

  3. In lesson two, you arrive at Ben-Gurion airport and meet your relatives. In this section you will learn all about pronouns, adjectives, various words for different types of relatives, and the hei hayedi'ah (the).

  4. Now that you are in Israel, it is time to go to your hotel and freshen-up, next stop - the Western Wall. Along the way you'll learn about present, past, and future tense verbs, as well as how questions are phrased in Hebrew, along with the words for various types of food.

  5. Finally, in lesson four, you'll learn about adverbs, possession, conjunctions, and prepositions while touring the land of Israel. In this section you'll visit the Shuk, Mid-Rachov, the Dead Sea, Massada, Ein-Gedi, the Northern part of the country, and Kinneret.
The four main lessons in this program are accompanied by interactive lessons that allow you to test your mastery of the material. In addition, the program includes a Hebrew-English Dictionary of the words studied in the program, as well as a printable map of Israel that you can use to track your journey.

My Israel Hebrew Adventure is an innovative and interactive way of learning basic Hebrew grammar and to begin growing your Hebrew vocabulary. While designed more for younger students, even mature learners will find this a delightful and informative method of study. As an added bonus, you get to learn a bit about Israeli geography, history, and culture. My Israel Hebrew Adventure is a great first step on your journey to learning Hebrew!

The My Israel Hebrew Adventure is contained on a single CD-ROM designed to run on both Windows PC's with Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, and on Mac's with OS X (10.2 or higher).

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