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Part 10 - Perek 12: Iyov Denies Techi'as HaMeisim

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Part 10 - Perek 12: Iyov Denies Techi'as HaMeisim
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Iyov now answers Tzophar, and he completely mocks his explanation that a man who appears to be a tzaddik may actually be a rasha within his nefesh. He also takes issue with Tzophar's assertion that man is not capable of clear and true knowledge. He argues that what man perceives through his senses was also perceived by millions of men in every generation, and he denies that man does not have the ability to discern the truth. He claims that Hashem endowed man with the ability to recognize the truth.

Iyov also mocks the idea that the essence of success and reward is after death. Chazal say that Iyov denied techiyas hameisim and the concept of spiritual reward.

In general, Iyov derides Tzophar's wisdom, saying that he is much more knowledgeable and experienced than him. In fact, the Gra says that Tzophar was the youngest of Iyov's friends. Iyov also berates all his friends, who continue to insist that he is deserving of his suffering because of his sins and his doubts about Hashem's justice. "I know as much as you; I too am not inferior to you." Iyov does not respect his friends' wisdom and arguments. He feels that he is as wise and knowledgeable as they are; why should he accept their proofs? He actually accuses his friends of speaking deceitfully when espousing their theories about the source of his suffering. Iyov continues to view himself as innocent and a yeri Shamayim, and implores his friends once again to let him know what his sin is.

Revach L'Neshama
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