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Part 15 - Perek 19: Iyov - I May Lack Emunah, But You Guys Are Brutal!

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Part 15 - Perek 19: Iyov - I May Lack Emunah, But You Guys Are Brutal!
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Revach L'Neshama

Iyov again complains bitterly that his friends are causing him pain and shame with their harsh words of condemnation. He admits that his words may indicate a lack of emunah, but he doesn't feel that that is an excuse for their verbal attack on a suffering person. He feels that his friends have turned into his enemies; instead of comforting him, they are adding to his pain. He warns them that they are liable for punishment from Hashem for pursing a man who is plagued with illness, and tells them that they are guilty of ona'as devarim.

"And even if I erred, let my mistake stay with me." I never publicized these opinions in public; they were only thoughts of my hearts. Therefore, I don't deserve punishments like these.

"Know then that Hashem has perverted my cause, and He has encircled me with His net." Iyov continues to insist that his suffering is a perversion of justice.

. "Fear the sword, for the anger of sins is the sword." The "sword" of punishment comes to destroy with great anger for the sin of ona'as devarim.

"In order that you'll know that there is din." Iyov warns his friends that when they are punished for their sins, then they will really "know" that there is din and mishpat in the world. Right now, they express with their mouths that everything is meted out with din and mishpat, but they don't really feel it. Once they are punished for hurting their friend with bitter words, they will really feel din and mishpat.

Revach L'Neshama
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