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Kosher by Design: Cooking Coach

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Kosher by Design: Cooking Coach

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Kosher by Design: Cooking Coach
Recipes, Tips, and Techniques to Make Anyone a Better Cook
By Susie Fishbein
Photography by John Uher
Artscroll - Shaar Press
Distributed by Mesorah Publications, Ltd.
ISBN: 978-1-4226-1309-2

Reviewed by Simone Bonim - November 14, 2012

Susie Fishbein's cookbook, Kosher by Design became an instant hit, and essential cookbook that quickly found its way into many Kosher homes and a series was born. Since the release of the first cookbook, Fishbein has released a total of seven cookbooks in the Kosher by Design series. With the release of Kosher by Design: Cooking Coach, the total raises to eight. However, this new addition to the Kosher by Design series is unlike any of the other volumes in the series.

As with the previous volumes, Kosher by Design: Cooking Coach includes a plethora of new kosher recipes - in this case there are 120 new recipes in the cookbook. As well it is filled with more than 400 mouth-watering pictures. The layout is intuitive, the directions are clear and easy to follow, and each recipe is preceded by a short introductory note. What makes this cookbook unique in the series is that Fishbein also provides detailed, pictorial guides, accompanied by clear text. These pictorial guides teach you the finer points of cooking from learning about the various types of fish to learning how to whip egg whites.

These guide serves to make this volume both a cookbook and an instructional guide. It is the next best thing to having Fishbein come into your kitchen and giving you a series of personal cooking lessons. In many ways I found this new cookbook to be reminiscent of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Both books offer the reader a slew of tempting recipes, and in both books the author provides step by step instructions that walk you through both basic and advanced skills that you need to master in order to become proficient in the different styles of cooking. The only difference here is that you don't have to hunt through the cookbook looking for kosher recipes or those that can be 'converted'!

Throughout, Kosher by Design: Cooking Coach Fishbein remains true to the sports motif engendered by the title, and has organized the information and recipes in the book into 'game plans'. Covering topics such a equipment, appetizers, soup, salads, pasta & eggs, meat, poultry, fish, side dishes, and desserts. The game plans cover just about everything from how to use a knife correctly to what the various cuts of beef are and what they look like, to the different types of flour there are - and what they are used for. These game plans will help raise a novice cook to that of a skilled cook, and even more advanced cooks will find that the information presented will help them to become more proficient in the kitchen.

In keeping up with the sports metaphors, Kosher by Design: Cooking Coach also includes a play book that will help you to efficiently and tastily make use of any leftovers that you might have - but don't expect to have many. From start to finish, the recipes in this cookbook are delectable and you will find that your family and guests will be more than pleased to clean their plates, more than once if allowed!

Kosher by Design: Cooking Coach is an outstanding addition to the Kosher by Design series, and it is a book that is ideal for giving as a gift to new cooks, brides-to-be, and anyone just setting up housekeeping on their own (the book includes detailed instructions on how to stock a pantry and what basic tools you should have in any well-equipped kitchen). For those who are already well versed in the kitchen, this cookbook is also an excellent source of new recipes and can serve as a sort of instructor's guide to anyone attempting to teach someone else to cook. As with the other books in this series, I highly recommend this book to anyone who cooks kosher, and even to nonkosher cooks looking for a wealth of new recipes that will appeal both to the eye and the taste buds!

Here's a sampling of some of the recipes that you'll find in this delightful cookbook:
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