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America Cooks Kosher

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America Cooks Kosher

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America Cooks Kosher
The All-Season All-Reason Kosher Cookbook
This cookbook will pique your "epicuriosity" and with its outstanding collection of traditional and modern American and Jewish recipes.
Presented by Beth Tfiloh Congregation and Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School
ISBN: 0-9748255-0-6

Book Description:

An all-season, all-reason kosher cookbook

From the seder table to the Super Bowl party, the cholent crock pot to the barbecue grill, America Cooks Kosher is an outstanding collection of traditional and modern American and Jewish recipes that are certain to nourish your palate as well as your soul.

This timeless treasury combines the customs of kashrus with today's contemporary lifestyles, transforming the daily routine of eating into a delectable dining experience. It includes over 300 recipes for gourmet dinners, quick and easy meals and holiday menus that will make you proud of your heritage and your country, and is sprinkled with food trivia, Jewish and American food stories, wine selections, and so much more.

This cookbook is destined to be your newest kitchen resource and your favorite cooking companion!

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