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Kids Speak 6: Through Fire and Water

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Kids Speak 6: Through Fire and Water

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Kids Speak 6: Through Fire and Water
By Chaim Walder
Translated into English by Aviva Rappaport
Feldheim Publishers, (2011)
ISBN: 978-1-59826-768-6

Reviewed by Herbert White - September 15, 2011

The Kids Speak series is unique. Each book in the series (currently there are six) contains a collection of stories that are based upon the real life letters that children from around the world have sent to Chaim Walder. In these letters, the children talk about things that are happening in their lives, problems that they have, memorable events that they witnessed, just about anything and everything. When he finds a letter that he feels really speaks to kids, he converts the letter into a story format, and includes the story in one of his many books. In this book, Kids Speak 6: Through Fire and Water Walder has included a wealth of stories that are both instructive and engaging.

There are eleven stories in Kids Speak 6 and they run the gamut from a story about a young boy who saves his brothers and sister from a fire, to a young boy who is dedicated to fighting for justice, but who might just have taken his stance as a fighter a bit too far, to a young girl who almost loses her life when she doesn't think before she acts, to a story about a young boy who almost doesn't have his Bar Mitzvah because his mother was sick with cancer and was in the hospital - but thanks to a group of 'Angels' he has his Bar Mitzvah.

These are stories that will touch your heart, and your soul. In addition, each story teaches one or more valuable lessons that will help kids to deal with any problems they might encounter in life, and to learn that it is ok to speak about their emotions and feelings. Kids Speak 6 is a worthwhile addition to any school or private library. The stories are perfect for family reading, but will be of special interest for both boys and girls ages ten to fifteen.

Kids Speak 6 was originally published in Hebrew as Yeladim Mesaprim al Atzmam (Vol. 6). As well, this book includes a glossary that translates the few Yiddishkeit words used in the book, into English.

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