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Kosher Gourmet Cookbook

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Kosher Gourmet Cookbook

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Kosher Gourmet Cookbook
By Mildred B. Miller and Bascha G. Snyder
Dover Publications, (1994)
ISBN: 0-486-28155-8

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - January 21, 2002

Mildred B. Miller and Bascha G. Snyder have compiled a delicious collection of Kosher recipes in their Kosher Gourmet Cookbook. Containing over 400 recipes, there is a little something for every appetite. All the recipes in this collection are kosher, i.e., they meet the requirements of the Jewish Dietary (Kashrut) Laws. As well, each recipe is marked to identify whether it is considered to be dairy, meat, or pareve.

The recipes in this cookbook are suitable for both beginning and seasoned cooks. The directions are clear, and the recipes are, overall, very easy and quick to prepare. In addition to traditional recipes, such as appetizers, soups, breads, salads and main courses, this cookbook also contains an varied collection of recipes suitable for use over Passover. As well, this cookbook is a must for all cook with a sweet-tooth. To give you an idea of the sweets that this book has to tempt you, here are a list of the 'sweet' chapters: Cakes, Small Pastries, Frostings and Fillings, Pies and Tarts, Desserts, and Frozen Desserts!

This cookbook will add greatly to the repertoire of any Kosher cook, and it will also be of interest to anyone interested in tradition Jewish cooking as it contains a wealth of traditional recipes such as recipes for Kreplach, Blintzes, Matzo Balls, Knishes, Gefulte Fish, and Taiglach. Those wanting something more 'modern' will not be disappointed, as recipes are included that run the gamut from Hot Dogs and Beans to Sushi.

In addition to recipes, this cookbook also contains menu plans for parties, teas, formal dinners, buffets, Kiddish, and a host of other occasion. All told, Kosher Gourmet Cookbook contains 73 varied menu plans as well as hints and tips on how to throw a party. Combined with recipes, this menu and party tips section serves to make this cookbook a must for anyone who wants to create sophisticated and invigorating meals for their family, as well as for group events.

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