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At Home with... The Goodman Family

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At Home with... The Goodman Family

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At Home with... The Goodman Family
By Leah Shenker
Illustrated by Devorah Berzon Benedict
Feldheim Publishers, (2011)
ISBN: 978-1-59826-691-7

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - September 15, 2011

In this unique children's book by Leah Shenker, we are introduced to the Goodman family, from the unique perspective of everyday items around the home. The book, At Home with... The Goodman Family is organized into chapters, with each chapter narrated by an item found in the home, such as a clock, a washing machine, a broom, a photo album, an umbrella, a shtender, and more. The only exception is the first chapter, which serves as a general introduction to the Goodman family.

This is a book that can readily be read out loud to pre-readers, and is also ideal as a book for new readers. This book features two page spreads, with one page containing a short section of text, and the facing page containing an illustration that compliments the text. Throughout the illustrations, by Devorah Berzon Benedict are lively and colorful and readers will have fun picking out all the various elements contained in each picture.

The text, itself, is dynamic and new readers will find the story both engaging and entertaining. In addition, parents will like the fact that the story teaches many valuable lessons such as hashavas aveidah and limud Torah, while at the same time reinforcing traditional Jewish values.

So come on into the Goodman's house, and enjoy a wonderful story that is sure to delight the entire family. At Home with... The Goodman Family was originally published in Hebrew under the title, Mishpachat Na'im Li and it has been expertly translated into English by Sherie Gross.

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