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What Makes Someone a Jew

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What Makes Someone a Jew

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What Makes Someone a Jew
By Lauren Seidman
Jewish Lights Publishing, (2007)
ISBN: 978-1-58023-321-7

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - April 27, 2011

What Makes Someone a Jew is a innovative book designed for children ages 3-6 that was written by Lauren Seidman. This book does not address the halachic (legal) questions concerning who is a Jew. Rather, this is a lively book that teaches children that you can be a Jew no matter how you look, where you live, or what language you speak. Being Jewish is about what you do, how you live your life, and what you feel in your heart.

The rhyming text of this picture book is embellished with pictures of children of every hue, being children and doing 'Jewish' activities such as blowing the shofar, holding a Torah scroll, wearing a kippah, and playing with a dreidel. This book is ideal for reading out loud as your children look at the vibrant pictures, and as an early book for new readers.

This is a book that reinforces the knowledge that G-d loves everyone, and will always do so. It also helps to reinforce traditional Jewish values and culture, and a child's Jewish identity. This is a book that will resonate with both children and adults, and it should be added both home and school libraries that are used by preschoolers.

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