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Torah Tigers

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Torah Tigers

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Torah Tigers
By Dr. Miriam Adahan
English adaptation by Dr. Shmeuss
Illustrations by Menahem Halberstadt
Feldheim Publishers, (2009)
ISBN: 978-1-5982-6308-4

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - March 6, 2009

Torah Tigers is an engaging children's book by Dr. Miriam Adahan, with captivating illustrations by Menahem Halberstadt. The book is designed to teach children how to develop good middos. Torah Tigers is also an education book for parents that teaches you how you can teach your children to be compassionate, patient and self-disciplined. Adahan's method is called the Victory Method, and through the pages of this book she teaches you how to implement the Victory Method and by extension, how to encourage your children's spiritual growth and chessed.

The Victory Method rewards children's good behavior, by acknowledging each 'victory' they achieve, which can range from simple tasks such saying thank-you to more difficult tasks such as cleaning up their room and learning not to complain. Adahan shows you how, through using positive reinforcement, you can help your child not only develop positive character traits, but also to become a better person. Most important, Adahan reminds parents, that they are their children's main role model, and that parents should strive to exhibit the same traits that they want their children to model.

As a children's book, this book is a perfect read-alone book for youngsters. It features a rhyming text, lively illustrations, and a story line that will hold your children's interest as they learn how to deal with everyday situations - and everyday annoyances. It can also be used as a read-aloud book with children of all ages. With older kids, reading the book along with them will give you the opening you may need to begin a discussion on the issues addressed in the book.

Torah Tigers is not just for children and their parents. It is also a book that should be read by anyone involved professionally with children, including educators, care-givers, and guidance counselors. The text begins with an 'introduction to parents' that will help you learn how to use this book, and the Victory Method, to help your children, from toddler to teenagers, to develop good middos (character traits), practice chessed (acts of kindness), and to be infused with emunah (faith). I highly recommend this book not only to parents and educators, but also to parents-to-be!

Dr. Miriam Adahan has a degree in Counseling Psychology, and she is a much sought after speaker on interpersonal relationships. She is also a prolific author, whose works include: Raising Children to Care: A Jewish Guide to Childrearing, Living With Difficult People Including Yourself, and Sticks and Stones: When Words Are Used As Weapons.

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