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A Gathering of Angels: Angels in Jewish Life and Literature

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A Gathering of Angels: Angels in Jewish Life and Literature

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A Gathering of Angels
Angels in Jewish Life and Literature
By Rabbi Morris B. Margolies
Jason Aronson, (2000)
ISBN-13: 978-0765760487

Reviewed by Harry S. Chou - January 27, 2011

Angels have long been a part of Jewish lore, yet many people think that angels are patently non-Jewish. They are wrong. In A Gathering of Angels, Rabbi Morris B. Margolies examines the role that angels have played in Jewish history, literature, and religion. In this eye-opening survey, Margolies examines examples of angles garnered from a diverse range of sources including the Torah, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hasidic tales, the Zohar, the Apocrypha, and more.

Within the scope of this unique book, Margolies examines Jewish believes about angels and how angels interact with humans. Many of the angels mentioned in this book may be familiar to you, such as Gabriel and Elijah, while others, such as Metatron, may be unfamiliar. In this study, the historical origins of the angels are discussed, as are how they have been represented in both modern and classical Jewish literature. Along the way you'll also meet some decidedly non-angelic 'creatures' including the Dybbuk, Lilith, and a host of other demons.

A Gathering of Angels is not a deeply philosophical work. Rather it is more of a popular history of Jewish angels that is both fascinating and uplifting to read. This is one of a very few books that deal exclusively with Jewish angels and it is a must read for anyone with an interest in angels.

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